CyanogenMod with Jelly Bean to Take More Time to Come as the Merger is Being Done Manually

With the release of the Jelly Bean by Google to the AOSP, speculations have started as to the tentative date when we can expect a stable release of the CM10. CyanogenMod is one of the most popular alternate firmware providers for the Android community and their releases are eagerly awaited.

Speaking of releases, CyanogenMod recently launched a release candidate for their CM9 (merger for ICS). About time too as soon after that JB was released out by Google. However, it appears that the CM10 with Jelly Bean may well take some time to be ready as the merger can take some serous manual coding time.

What apparently is clear from an opinion given by the CyanogenMod team is that they are expecting the following serious issues with the merger.

–  The Android launcher Trebuchet would pose some problems when ported to JB;

–  The themes for CM10 has to be reworked;

–  So is the lock screen, which needs to be restyled post the update of JB;

–  Finally the user interface has to be revamped as well.

They expect all these to be solvable problems. However, the coding process is going to be tricky. It will involve handpicking the CM9 codes and then merging them with JB to create a release candidate for CM10. The worse thing about this hand coding task is that it will take some time to debug and make the release candidate ready in time.

What we can expect in the mean time while we wait for the coders at CyanogenMod to complete the merger is a RC2 for CM9 and hopefully followed by a stable candidate. For those eager minds waiting to even get a nightlines, they just simply have to wait until CyanogenMod is happy with their work.

**apologies to the CyanogenMod team for the mistake on the release ETA

Via: AndroidAuthority

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3 Replies to “CyanogenMod with Jelly Bean to Take More Time to Come as the Merger is Being Done Manually”

  1. I think it will really take 10 months. Just look for the unofficial ports. But why i think it’ll take 10 months? ‘Cause the CM team is a bit… lazy.

  2. You know something I don’t know? 😉

    “They are expecting around ten months as a time frame for that to happen.”

    -The guy who wrote the CM G+ posts and didn’t put in a 10 month time frame.

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