CyanogenMod will allow any media to be Chromecast


With developers working on new ways to make the Chromecast even better, CyanogenMod has announced new support for the Chromecast, allowing any media on the Android device to be cast to the TV.

Koushik Dutta made an application similar to what CyanogenMod has made and it seems the team working on the ROM has been able to make an official version. Even though Google is currently keeping the Chromecast in beta, it seems CyanogenMod will have this as an application for any users.

CyanogenMod has said the support is simple and anything can be beamed onto the TV with ease. We aren’t sure about lag times, the Chrome to TV still has one or two seconds depending on the WiFi connection.

The Chromecast has been a hugely successful device despite its limitations currently. For $35 the user can essentially stream anything from a laptop through Chrome and can use a handful of applications on mobile and tablet to do the same.

Currently Netflix and YouTube are the two supported applications for mobile and tablet. Hulu, HBO Go, Pandora and Vimeo have all said they will be supporting the Chromecast soon, with Google rolling out the Chromecast SDK to media streaming services and other developers.

When all developers can add Chromecast support, we wonder what apps will support the new media player and we also wonder what new apps will be developed for the sole purpose of using the Chromecast.