CyanogenMod 9 to Hit All the Galaxy S3 Models, Except the One at Verizon

For those who own a Galaxy S3 there is good news. CyanogenMod has finally released CM9 for the Galaxy S3. It was about time too as another few weeks and the wait for CM10 would have officially started already, now that JB has released into AOSP and even a firmware distribution has been started by Google.

CM9 brings the advantages of the ICS to all unlocked bootloaders and, with that, the many improvements that CyanogenMod usually integrates with such releases. Unfortunately, there is no good news for the users of the Galaxy S3 model carried by Verizon, as CyanogenMod has not yet released a CM9 version for it. This is apparently because of the locked bootloader of their phones.


Whatever the reason was, earlier this week, an unlocked version of the smartphone was released by Samsung for the Verizon network. The phone however came with a full price tag and outside the generous warranty coverage from the carrier.

So what does the future holds for Samsungs Galaxy S3 users on the Verizon network? Some of them would definitely be left dependent on their carrier and Samsung for future ROM updates, while some would definitely be looking at bypassing the limitations set by their locked bootloader. Needless to say, this would void the warranty and they would risk losing money and support if any other unauthorized ROM is used.

On a different note, the CM9 release in question is only a RC1 (Release Candidate 1) and is not completely stable at this stage. The developers at CyanogenMod are still working on a RC2 that should be more stable and thus, safer to use.

However, that will take some time more as the major resources are currently being diverted to the development of CM10, which, according to their own admission, is going to be a difficult manual coding and integration job.

Via: Android Authority