CyanogenMod 10.2 will have a built-in blacklist feature


The upcoming CyanogenMod 10.2 ROM based on Android 4.2.2 will apparently have a “global blacklist” feature, according to a post on CyanogenMod’s Google+ page. In essence, this means that users will be able to block pre-determined numbers, both from the contacts list or elsewhere, from making phone calls or sending texts. Users can further hide these calls from appearing in the call log or the screen entirely, so everything could be happening silently in the background without bothering the user.

Unfortunately, the developers refrained from mentioning the arrival date of this new feature, but we’re guessing it will be launched along with CM10.2. As the screenshots suggest, these features will work smoothly with the OS and borrow the native Holo UI as well. This sounds like a feature which could be enabled by default on Android, considering how far the platform has come over the years. Read on for the full list of features coming with this new Blacklist app.

  1. 1.       Global, generic Blacklist support within Security Settings, App security
  2. 2.       Available to 3rd party apps via a new Content Provider API
  3. 3.       Redesigned, Holo compliant interface
  4. 4.       Supports wildcards and the blocking private and unknown numbers
  5. 5.       Type or Select numbers from the Address Book (People)
  6. 6.       Add numbers to the Blacklist from the In-call screen, the Call history screen, the Quick reply popup and the Messaging app Conversation screen
  7. 7.       Select the type of blocking to be enforced – incoming calls, messages or both
  8. 8.       Intuitive interface allows for toggling the blocking on/off per number and type of blocking.
  9. 9.       Allows for a number to be “whitelisted” for calls, messages or both (see attached image)
  10. 10.    Configurable via the Settings, Phone and Messaging app
  11. 11.    Displays notifications with an unblock action

Source: Cyanogen Mod Team (Google+)

Via: Android Community