Cyanogen Mod CM7 RC1 Is Now Available

Ok for all you Cyanogen and Team Douche users the day has arrived. The first release candidate for Cyanogen Mod 7 (CM7) is now available.  CM7 RC 1 is available for the following devices:

Nexus One
T-Mobile G2
MyTouch 4G
Evo 4G

As with all Cyanogen mods it’s based on the Gingerbread AOSP but has a lot of extras in it. This is an RC1 so it’s still in release candidate status and not their full release, but close and ready!  Cyanogen says that “these builds are feature-complete and fairly well tested, but still have some minor tweaking…” He goes onto say that you should find these builds stable enough to use everyday.

Cyanogen gives special thanks on this release to CodeAurora, and He also thanks T-Mobile for opensourcing their theme engine as well as the coders on his team.

New features in CM7 include a revamped and customizable lock screen, a restyled music app, “phone goggles”, and gesture support.

You can find the latest builds in ROM Manager or any of the TDR Mirror sites. Head on over to the Cyanogenmod site now.



TDG Note on CyanogenMod,  XDA, TD and Other Developer sites.
Developers are a great asset to the Android ecosystem. The developers at Cyanogenmod,  TD, XDA and others are working hard to bring you the best possible ROMs and Mods for your Android device. As such please follow their rules for newbies if you have never visited their site and please for the love of god don’t every ask for a timeline or eta.