CTIA: Urban Airship Powering Push Notifications For All Kinds Of Developers

No we aren’t about to write about steam punk but rather Urban Airship, the cool company with an even cooler name. We met with Urban Airship CEO Scott Kveton at CTIA who told us all about what Urban Airship does and what they can do for app developers of all sizes. No they can’t make you fly on a blimp but they can help you grow to where you can afford your own blimp…

Urban airship helps developers create and maintain mobile apps faster. The team at Urban Airship has enterprise level push notification technology now.  They are the group behind the push notifications for big mobile gaming companies like Glu Mobile. They also handle push notifications for the likes of ESPN helping to deliver the end user opt in information that they want, when they want it.

Some of the heavy lifting handled by Urban Airship includes:

Although it may seem like a relatively easy concept, there’s a lot of back end and “heavy lifting” involved in push notifications.  Urban Airship handles all that for you. They offer a proprietary end to end push platform called “Helium”. With Helium you’re able to message any device with an IP address.

Urban Airship helps prune out devices that are no longer active as required by third party push providers.

All of Urban Airships offerings are scalable so if you’re working in the bedroom on the next break through app or game Urban Airship is for you, and if you’re an international multi channel sports information company like ESPN, they can handle that too.

No Urban Airship isn’t just for Android, and you shouldn’t be either if you’re developing the next killer app or game. Urban Airship is cross platform and supports iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices. In fact their libary provides a drop in user interface for their API so you can start testing right away.  You’ve got one app or one campaign you want to run across multiple platforms, Urban Airship has you covered.

Whether you want to deliver tidbits of information, gaming notifications, news, sports, statistics etc Urban Airship has a solution for you and they even let you try their premium services free.

Go check them out at urbanairship.com

And if you’re ready to see what they can offer you, check out their free premium trial here