CTIA: Take A Look At The Android Powered WIMM Module

When you first take a look at the WIMM Module you may immediately think you’re looking at another Android watch implementation. Although the WIMM Module can be used as a watch, with the included watch band, it’s far from just an Android powered watch.

The other key differentiator between the WIMM module and the Metawatch, for instance, is the fact that the WIMM module can work and run independently from an Android phone.

The WIMM Module has many possible use cases. In our meeting with WIMM Wednesday at CTIA we found out that the WIMM Module is being looked at in medical applications like the back of a stethoscope, running suits, pendants, and even to power wheel chairs. Any case where you need a small form factor and the computing power of Android, the WIMM Module may be worth a look.

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 The WIMM Module runes on android 2.1 and can be outfitted with customized applications that have just a few tweaks and changes needed to work with the WIMM Module, one of those is the ability to swipe to close and swipe to do other functions like scrolling.

The WIMM watch can work independently from an Android phone however when coupled with an Android phone you can see, view and use canned responses for incoming text messages. You can display MMS messages on the WIMM Module when synnced with a phone. You can also send calls to voicemail. Although you can’t use the SMS functioning with an iPhone, when coupled with an iPhone the WIMM Module can still handle call delegation.

WIMM has their eyes on other vertical markets as well and plans to offer a WIMM module with NFC capabilities in the future.  One of the big vertical markets they are looking at is fitness. Imagine having a WIMM module in a watch form that was able to off load your information to a health club when you walk through the door. Other cases include monitoring health rate and even NFC payments.

The WIMM Module will be released to developers first and that should be in the next couple of weeks. For more information or to sign up to get information when the WIMM module is available to developers visitwimm.com here.

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  1. wow, I’m a pretty big nerd but that thing is waaay to thick to wear on my wrist. if it was half as thick i’d consider it but right now the meta watch looks much more compelling as a smart watch platform. I will admit that the wimm could be much more feature filled though.

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