Could we be seeing Windows 8 and Android on the same device?

Sounds unreal, right?

Well, to start with, this is not any induced hypothesis. This is a soon to be reality.

Asus has released two teaser videos that unveils its new product Computex 2012 and both the videos hint at the possible integration of Android and Windows 8 in the device. The device would be a tablet with an embedded keyboard dock, very much like the Transfomer Prime released earlier this year.

The video clearly shows two water blobs, one with an Android logo and other with a Windows 8 logo. The tablet is believed to be named “Tai Chi”  and would apparently come with a dual boot operating system. That being said, the videos released by Asus do not attest this fact well enough.

The million dollar question however is, would this combination actually work? Let us leave the design complexities aside for a while, for we do not know if Asus would actually be able to integrate Android and Windows 8 onto the same hardware and bridge the gap between the two elite operating systems. If rumours are to believed, the Computex could also integrate a dual-sided LCD screen. This would make it the most innovative gadget of all time.

Nevertheless, the answer to the rather important question is, “Yes! It might work.” Android as we all know possesses a health collection of applications and a robust developer community. On other hand, Windows 8 has just been launched. People are very much eager to try the new tiled windows interface. The possibility of using Android for fun and Windows for work is a pretty exciting one.

If this becomes a reality, Asus has indisputably redefined the way we foresee gadgets. Instead of tweaking and stretching the software boundaries, Asus has pushed the hardware design boundary hard enough and thereby come up with some ingenious products this year.

However, the success of this “more-than-a-tablet” device would depend on the pricing and the mass appeal. Besides the stability, success and acceptance of Windows 8 would also play a crucial role in the success of the tablet.

That being said, it would be fun to see two bulls lock horns on the same device. Only time would decide as to which one has the last laugh. But we pity the one losing, already!