Could the ZTE Star 3 be the first phone to pack a 4K display?

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We’ve seen manufacturers rushing for the latest and the greatest technology on their handsets. But sometimes, they can get a little carried away with this idea and do something radical that nobody expects. It seems like ZTE is on track to do that with its upcoming Star 3 handset as it is rumored to be packing a 4K resolution display, which will give the company a leg up over the competition.

It is said that the company will use a 4K resolution display on a 5.5 inch panel, thus offering a pixel density of 806 ppi, which is quite a lot and impossible to distinguish for the human eye. We don’t see how a 4K panel will be any different compared to a 2K display, but that’s a question for ZTE to answer with the Star 3, assuming the device is indeed real.

ZTE will supposedly utilize a TFT display panel using a unique crystal structure which will offer a better look and reduce power consumption at the same time. Do you welcome the addition of a 4K display on a handset? Share your thoughts below.

Source: myDrivers – Translated

Via: Phone Arena