Confirmed: Verizon’s first tablet, the Galaxy Tab, is Bing Free

Here’s an update to the epic “bing” saga mentioned on so frequently. This all began when the Samsung Fascinate, A Galaxy S phone, went the route of the Motorola Backflip using another search engine besides “Google Search”. At that time a very reliable soure at Verizon told thedroidguy that Bing would be the default search engine for Verizon Android phones going forward. A few weeks later we were corrected by a third Verizon source citing that all Motorola Droid branded handsets would still feature the Google Search (hence bringing google back HERE) and non “Droid” branded Android Handsets on Verizon would still carry the Bing Search as default.

In a Galaxy Tab Users manual leaked to Droidlife it clearly shows in the manual to use “google search” (thanks Droid Life) Although this looks like a very early stage user’s manual because of the “place holders” we wouldn’t imagine they would take something out of it. One of our Verizon ninjas who has their hands on a Galaxy Tab says it very much DOES have Google as the default search, and they are on an even tighter NDA.

The rest of the story on Droidlife looks to a November 1, 2010 launch date ahead of the mid-november dates for the T-Mobile and Sprint siblings. Also there is speculation that the Verizon device may incorporate calling abilities. We will see. For now the good news is that Google is on yet another Verizon Wireless Android Device. Way to go Samsung and Verizon.

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