Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Tab is a Verizon Wireless device!

The leaks and sneaks and peeks will be flowing like a river from the IFA show this week, but before it even got started, more juicy bits about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab have surfaced. This time, it’s not a performance, or even an OS tidbit. The 3G version of the Galaxy Tab has been confirmed to be on Verizon Wireless!

Our friends at BGR were able to get this image earlier today, and it makes it crystal clear what’s going on. The 3G version of that tab will be on Verizon’s screaming fast network. I’m sure in the upcoming days we will see prices and model variants, but for now we know for sure that this will be Verizon’s first 3G tablet, sure to be one of many! We are waiting for the official Galaxy Tab Launch event this week to see if the Galaxy Tab, like it’s handset brother the Galaxy S will be multi-carrier.¬† We will have exclusive footage and live blogging from the event!

source: Boygeniusreport