Comscore:Android Continues To Stay On Top

Comscore’s stats are in for mobile subscribers and once again Android is staying on top as far as smartphone shares in the United States. While Apple and RIM have continued to stay below, Google Android is leading among the smartphone platforms by 34.7 percent of the market share. While Android has been staying ahead, Samsung has also been advancing and is the top handset manufacture with 24.5 percent of the market share.

Comscore’s reports are showing that during the last period over 230 million Americans 13 and older are using mobile devices. However, as far as smartphones are concerned over 72 million Americans own a smartphone which is up 15 percent from the last report.

As we mentioned above, Samsung is the top ranked OEM with over 24 percent of United States, with LG following close behind with 20.9 percent shares. Motorola is third in line with 15.8 percent and is followed by RIM with 8.4 percent or mobile subscribers.

Apple, of course, has continued to gain shares which is possible due to the release of the Verizon iPhone  and is now up by 1.1 percent along with reaching almost 8 percent of mobile subscribers.

Android has grown over 6 percentage points to almost 35 percent in market shares while RIM follows behind with a little over 27 percent. Apple iOS grew by half a percent and now sits at 25 and a half percent in shares and is followed by the one and only Microsoft with 7 and a half shares, and Palm with only 2.8 percent.

Google’s share has continued to climb and has passed both iOS and Rim for smartphone shares since February, which is great news for Google Android and goes right along with what has been predicted.

Along with platforms and OEMs, Comscore also examined how mobile subscribers are using their devices. Back in March it was reported that over 68 and a half percent of subscribers texted using their devices, while browsing the web went up 2.2 percent and now sits at 38.6 subscribers. Download applications has also gone up by almost 3 percent and is now at a little over 37 percent and social networking and blogs have also increased by 2.6 percent and is now at 27.3 percent of subscribers that use their devices for social networking and blogs. Playing games on devices is now up to 25.7 percent and listening to music is at almost 18 percent.



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