Comscore: Samsung, Android Take Lion’s Share US Smartphone Market, Apple Distant Second

Apple had very high hopes that the release of the new flagship gadget, the iPhone 5, would turn around their dwindling market share being taken by Google in the US back in September.  4 months after the release of the new smartphone, the company’s market share in the US according to comScore had not increased much and Android remains the most preferred and used operating system on mobile devices.  According to figures from comScore released yesterday there were on average 123.3 million smartphone users in the US by the end of November 2012 and an average of 53.7 percent of them used Android devices.


ComScore is an international Internet information provider that provides consumer insight information to leading companies for successful marketing, trading strategies and to boost sales.  Their newest results are based on survey of 30,000 consumers, a part of their MobiLens research.  This research revealed that Apple comes second as to Android as the most used operating system with 35% of the smartphone market and 26.9 % of the overall mobile phone market.  Interestingly, Samsung remains the most dominant handset in the US with a 26.9% share followed by Apple’s iPhone taking 18.5% of the market.  Apple displaced LG from the second position after the launch of the iPhone 5 as the South Korean company now commands 17.5% of the market.  The other two companies on the top five of the most popular handsets in the market are Motorola on the fourth position with a 10.4% market share and HTC with a 5.9% market share.

This survey did not include holiday shopping figures as this is the time when most handsets were bought and the figures should upset these results.


ComScore also discovered that the number of users using smartphones keeps climbing and is now at 53% and like their previous studies in August, the war is between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.  The results show that Android is still dominating the market with 53.7% market share up from 52.6% back in August while Apple’s iOS has also gained a little from 34.3% to 35%.  RIM’s blackberry, Microsoft’s Windows phone and windows Mobile OS and Symbian are still on a downward spiral as they continue to lose market share.  RIM lost 1% in the 3 months from August to November from 8.3% to 7.3%, Microsoft lost 0.6% from 3.6% to 3.0% and Symbian is almost extinct as it is now in use on 0.5% of the devices down from 0.7% in August 2012.


Top Smartphone Platforms

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Source: comScore MobiLens