Computerworld: Mozilla Refue to Port Firefox to iOS

mozillaMozilla has yet again refuted claims that they are intending to port their Firefox app to the iOS platform. Instead they are devoting their resources towards establishing their own Firefox OS to be released later on this year. This is not the first time for us to hear such strong statements being issued by Mozilla. We came to learn about Mozilla’s intentions of not cooperating with Apple from way back in 2009. The by then CEO at Mozilla stated that it would be very difficult for them to port Firefox to iOS. Later on in 2011, similar claims were reiterated. To further demonstrate their discontent, Mozilla pulled out from an agreement with Apple’s iOS. Mozilla were supplying the iOS platform with Firefox Home but they decided to discontinue the service.

Why then the strong stand on porting Firefox to iOS? Jay Sullivan, the vice president at Mozilla attributes the strong stand to the fact that Apple’s App Store is guided by very harsh guidelines. That unless Apple decides to shake loose a little bit, they won’t be getting any services from Mozilla. It is understood that Apple has laid down some strict requirements; if you’d wish to be part of their awesome team then you need to abide by them. Apple demands that any app used to browse the internet should use their iOS WebKit framework and WebKit JavaScript. All these restrictions are what turn off Mozilla.

The Web Metrics Company Net Applications believes that minus an iOS application, Mozilla and the other browsers are hugely disadvantaged. An analysis conducted last month showed that one out of eight people who browsed the internet did so using their Smartphones and Tablets. Out of all the platforms, iOS accounted for an average usage rate of around 54.9%. An analysis of the individual browsers revealed that Safari was at 55.4% with the iOS; Google Chrome for Android was at 2% while Firefox also operating on Android trailed at just 0.02%.

Via Computer World