Complain And Win $100 With The Complain App

One of the finalists in the app competition here  at CTIA Enterprise & Applications is the Complain App.  The complain app makes it really easy for the end user to complain about big corporations and companies.

“The Complain App isn’t just for bitching” Noam Gordon, the entrepreneur behind the Android application tells TDG. He’s hopeful that by sharing the information through back proper channels big businesses will be able to respond and complainers will be able to make a difference.

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The depth of the Complain app can stretch from a bad experience at your local McDonald’s to recurring problems with any top airline. Even Android users can complain Gordon says.  He gives the example about bloatware. Gordon would love to see more Android users complaining to t the OEM’s, carriers and even Google about bloatware and anything else that makes Android anything but pleasurable.

Now through November 10th the Complain App and Thedroidguy are teaming up to encourage you to download the complain app here and start complaining.  Random complainers will win $100 gift cards to a business of their choice, it could even be the business that was the subject of your complaint, everyone’s about giving second (and sometimes fifth chances).

The Complain app makes sure that complaints that may possibly be brushed off by Twitter or Facebook, gets in the right hands. Not only that but by crowdsourcing in app the Complain App puts similar complaints for the same company together to make sure that the company sees those complaints.

So how do you win? Download the complain app here and start complaining. Once you’ve found something to complain about tweet “I Just complained using the #complainapp and I may win $100 bucks #TDG”

It’s that simple. Start complaining today! In fact we have a cool $20 gift card for the first 2 people that complain.

Good Luck and Happy Complaining!!

4 Replies to “Complain And Win $100 With The Complain App”

  1. I tried it and it was fun!  If you go through the process you get a choice of how to send the complaint — basically social media (twitter, etc.).  It was fun because about 5 strangers RT’d my complaint for me, and then the company answered and actually gave me a good solution and well, that just made me happy because I didn’t have to waste time calling them so, yeah. 

  2. How does this work? As in how are the complaints actually presented to the companies? Are they connected via the app or are all complaints routed through that companies regular customer service link. I’m very curious so any info would be much obliged.

  3. Ok, my complaint is about the “Complain” app, it’s about a buggy piece of crap. Tried to use it once before and it kept locking up. Just tried again and it is very hard to get to the last post, keeps going back to the top. So can I have my $20 gift card now?

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