Comcast Xfinity App Now Honeycomb Compatible

For all you Comcast Xfinity lovers who want to use your Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, ASUS, Acer or other Android tablet running Honeycomb to control your TV experience, the wait is over.

Comcast announced today that their Xfinity app has been updated to support Honeycomb tablets.  The update also covers some enhancements for the original Android smartphone app.

Scroll through listings, set, record, stop and play DVR and much more from your Honeycomb tablet or Android phone with the Comcast Xfinity app now!

Source: Comcast

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  1. Love the app. Now, I have to wait to move into my new place before I can use the feature that turns your iPhone into a remote control. So cool!!

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