Comcast Xfinity App Comes To Android

Comcast’s Xfinity app joins the ranks of ATT Uverse and other cable operators who have taken to the Android platform.

The Xfinity app will allow users to search for shows, times, and even set the DVR and change channels. The app has already been downloaded 1.3 million times on the Apple IOS platform. President and General Manager of Comcast Interactive, Matt Strauss said  “Android has a passionate, loyal and growing fan base who we believe will enjoy managing their Xfinity TV experience in the palm of their hand,”

Cable operators are looking for more and more ways to get their content on as many devices as possible Strauss said “This important launch is another key milestone in Comcast’s ongoing effort to provide Xfinity TV service on as many devices as possible including smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.”

The app performs best on Android 2.x and higher.

Source: Mobile burn

3 Replies to “Comcast Xfinity App Comes To Android”

  1. With 64 million tablets sold last year, I think the Xfinity app will be a real value add for existing customers, and may entice some new ones. I’m sure comcast will develop apps for Web OS as well.

  2. Well its great that Comcast is finally getting in the game for Android phones. You get programming your DVR, a remote, and use as a TV guide. I work for DISH Network and have an account, and I am already able to do this on my Galaxy S Tab. Even more is that using my 922k SlingLoaded reciever, I can stream any recording or live TV show right to my tablet anywhere I have a 3G connection. It is an awesome feature and I can say that you will love TV that much more.

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