Comcast Jumps on the NO to Google TV Bandwagon

It’s disheartening that every time I turn around there is another company that has decided not to play nice with Google TV. Since it’s release last month Google TV has lost, not gained, more and more content.

The latest provider to announce they aren’t supporting Google TV is Comcast and their Xfinity Everywhere Play.  Comcast says that there Xfinity Everywhere play utilizes a proprietary software and therefore is not compatible. Hulu, owned by Newscorp, also does not support Google TV although we here they are in negotiations.

Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC have all blocked Google TV access to their internet content streams.  Let’s again reitterate that the networks themselves will play live on Google TV devices. Also content recorded via DVR can be played via Google TV devices. What’s blocked in this case is the access to play the internet content on the TV networks sites.

One of the “Wow” factors at the Google TV/Sony press event was the ability to search for a program name, find it’s live content, recorded content, internet site, social media sites for the program and archived content via the websites. This works for many networks just not the big 4 and now Comcast’s Xfinity!

As the weeks go on since Google TV’s release, and the conent providers decrease we wanted to know if Google was actively working on these relationships with content providers. A Google spokesperson told

“We’re in the early phases of Google TV and already have strong partnerships with Best Buy, Logitech and Sony, among others. We are excited about the opportunities our new platform creates for both established media companies like Turner and HBO, and tens of thousands of content creators large and small. Google TV enables access to all the web content you already get today on your phone and PC, but it is ultimately the content owner’s choice to restrict users from accessing their content on the platform.”

One of the hurdles for Google TV is they haven’t been able to show broadcaster’s how content is being kept safe on the platform. They also haven’t been able to show a business model where the broadcaster’s can benefit from their content on Google TV.

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  1. Comcast internet service blocks and censors web video content. Sites like megavideo, videobb, etc cut off after a few minutes.

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