Cobra Phonelynx For Android Let’s Your Eliminate Your Home Phone Bill

Late last year Cobra Electronics announced a new app called Phonelynx that lets you eliminate your home phone bill.

Phonelynx uses bluetooth technology to route your home phones, through your wireless phone and make calls over it. This is perfect for those of us on unlimited plans and a great way to still use that home phone you have in the kitchen.

“The Cobra PhoneLynx system truly represents the next generation of home telecommunications,” said Sally Washlow, Cobra’s senior vice president, marketing and sales for Cobra Electronics. “With the Cobra PhoneLynx system, there’s simply no reason for most people to waste hundreds of dollars each year on home phone bills.”

The Cobra Phonelynx system has a suggested retail price of $59.95 and can save you tons of money by not having a home phone bill. Phonelynx allows you to use your wireless minutes (which are free at night for most people) to make and receive calls using your cell phone number.

Phonelynx uses Clear Call technology to optimize the sound for your phone, and according to Cobra, it makes it sound in some cases better than your wireless phone did before.

Cobra’s engineers used their over 50 years of experience in the communications business to optimize Phonelynx before bringing it out to market. Remember Cobra was one of the first companies to make cordless home phones.  So go grab a Phonelynx system, upgrade your cell plan to unlimited minutes and say good bye to that landline you’ve been wanting to get rid of.