CM10 Preview Builds Out for Nexus 7 and Galaxy Note

The preview builds for the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Note are out for CyanogenMod 10. CM10 will add some extra sparkle and goodness of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to your device(s). Neither build is ready for a daily dependence, so it’s not highly recommended you jump right in yet. You may or may not have been looking forward to the CyanogenMod 10 for both the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Note, but it is now out as a preview build. Notice the emphasis on the preview build. This means that CM10 is not in fully working order nor does it mean that core parts of the mod are ready for use yet.¬† Adventurous users will be most interested in this but there are a few things that you should remember before installing the preview builds.

As with most preview builds that release you’ll instantly notice that again, some things will not be working in the preview build. You could be experiencing issues with the GPS or even having some issues with storage on your SD Card. This is because it is a preview build and is not quite ready for a daily dependence just quite yet. Most people who are familiar to the CyanogenMod10 team should know that they are working as fast as possible to get everything in working order for users who would like to use it as a daily dependence. With that said, things do take time and since CM10 is only a preview build for the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Note I would be wary of installing it without knowledge of what you’re doing. You don’t want to potentially break your device by messing around with the software and all. Not to mention that carriers don’t offer warranties for messing up the software. You’re basically on your own when you decide to install a mod or ROM onto your smartphone.

With all that said, you’ve been warned. If you’re still feeling adventurous you can go to the XDA Developers source link below with detailed instructions on how to install it by user XpLoDWild. Make sure to pay attention to the disclaimer as it talks about your warranty now being void and so on. Again, these are very detailed instructions, so some knowledge of past ROM installation may be useful. Also, if this is your first time installing something like this and have a second phone or tablet you don’t use, try installing it with that first just to make sure you don’t wreck your main device.

Preview builds are out right now for both the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Note. CyanogenMod 10 will be putting Jelly Bean 4.1 on your device with added admin capabilities of the hardware and everything. One last warning to note in case you don’t see it in the installing instructions:


Once again, download is in the source link. Good luck with the preview builds! If you manage to get it on your device, leave a comment below and tell us how it is!

source: XDA (download here), Google +

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  1. I’m using the preview build on the galaxy nexus and it works very very well. I haven’t done anything regarding GPS or camera yet but those are never daily needs anyway. 4.1 is insanely fast and fluid. Everything is much more responsive than even ICS. If I wanted to be chased by angry villagers, I’d say, along with everything else that’s considered an advantage in android over iOS, I’d say this newest version blows apple out of the water. Now android does everything the iPhone does, but better and also has features not otherwise available ever on the iPhone or only through jail breaking.

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