Cisco Cius Headed To AT&T

The 7″ multi-touch screened Android device targeted at businesses and called the Cisco Cius, is headed to AT&T. Crunchgear reported earlier in the day, that the Cisco Cius will be sold to their government and institutional buyers.  Cisco is also trying to sell this device (which also has a desktop phone) to their bigger corporate customers as well.

Oddly enough, the Cisco Cius needs to be docked and wired to execute voice and video calling over wi-fi or wlan.  This seemed like an innovative enough device when it was first introduced in the summer of 2010.  AT&T should have the Cius by September which would be more than a year since the device was introduced.

It’s reportedly running Android although there has never been an official report of what version.

Early reports shows the device in someone’s hand on a call. Apparently that’s not the case.  This thing will probably go obsolete fast, I mean even more obsolete then it is now.

Source: Crunchgear