Cisco Cius Android Tablet Starts Shipping

Do you remember that cool little business phone and Android tablet combination that was announced by Cisco last summer?  The Cisco Cius was that device and promised to be a new tablet and converged experience for business users. Well the Cisco Cius has started shipping.

Cisco is sticking to their business guns on this one and the tablets can be ordered now through business’ Cisco reps only.  The RIM Playbook is allegedly releasing this coming Tuesday April 19th (although some sites are reporting it’s been pushed back) and targeting business folks as well, but it will have mass distribution through outlets like Staples and Best Buy.

Cisco has reported that Cius units have shipped to some of their biggest business customers and promise a more robust roll out to business folks at the end of May.

As far as spec goes you’re looking at an integrated tablet business phone combination carrying the following specs:

7 inch Screen
1.6ghz Atom processor
Wi -Fi and cellular connectivity (reportedly by Verizon)
4G support through Verizon
Android (version unknown)
Access to Android Market and Google Apps
HD Video support

We scoured the interwebs and put in two emails to our Cisco rep to find out what version of Android. We are predicting it will be Android 2.x rather than Honeycomb or even Gingerbread.

Source: yahoo