Chrome Beta For Android Updated


Chrome Beta for Android received a new update today. It fixes a plethora of bugs while also introducing new ones, which is to be expected considering this is the beta version of Chrome and not the stable release. You can check out the change log below.

  • 164632 – Edit Bookmark is broken
  • 167351 – Youtube video controls are lost after returning from fullscreen
  • 167016 – Some Samsung Galaxy S2 freezes
  • 168062 – Double tapping on non-zoomable sites scrolls the page to the top briefly before returning to original position
  • 167379 – Sometimes tabswitcher is frozen
  • 166998 – Tab content stretched out while returning to it through side swipe gesture
  • 168632 – Crash – Stack Signature: TabAndroidImpl::FromWebContents
  • 168388 – Sync signed in info text’s font size is too small
  • 168430 – Bookmark star icon doesn’t turn grey/white immediately after bookmarking URL /deleting URL from bookmarks

As with any update with the Chrome Beta, it also introduced a plethora of bugs. You can check out the new bugs introduced this time around below.

  • Performance is sluggish, noticeably on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S
  • Frequent freeze on devices with specific versions of Qualcomm GPU driver
  • Text autosizing may break formatting on some sites
  • Video continues playing after exiting fullscreen on android phones
  • [HTC Droid DNA] Getting crash on tabswitcher mode
  • 163439 – page links are not working
  • 166233 – Cannot submit comments on facebook posts or pictures
  • 165244 – Text handler jumps or disappears when moving
  • 162486 – iframe scrolling broken
  • 158633: Tap disambiguation overaggressive

While bugs are more than annoying, being the first to try out new features and fixes is always a plus. We won’t post every time Chrome Beta is updated, as it’s updated very frequently. This time around we wanted to notify everyone of a new feature that was introduced though. A noteworthy addition to this update is the new Web Speech API, which will be  interesting to see if it will work on mobile like it works on the desktop version of Chrome.

If you don’t have Chrome Beta for Android, be sure to hit this link, as it isn’t searchable in the Google Play Store. Additionally, Chrome Beta for Android will install alongside the stable version of Chrome. If Chrome Beta for Android is updated and is plagued with bugs rendering the browser useless, you can fallback on the stable variant of Chrome, which is a handy feature.

Once you’re able to get the update, be sure to let us know if it works in the comments section below!

source: Google