Chinese authorities call out Samsung and Oppo for having too many preinstalled apps

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Oppo and Samsung have just been pulled up by a Chinese consumer rights authority over preinstalling too many apps with their smartphones out of the box. The Galaxy Note 3 from 2013 and the Oppo Find 7 from last year are the devices in question.

The authorities found that the Galaxy Note 3 (SN-N9008S) had 40 apps that couldn’t be removed by the users, while the Find 7 (X9007) had 70 applications that were non-removable. It is also alleged by the officials that some of these apps can even steal data from the users. So the two companies will have some tough questions to answer.

The authorities have asked the two companies to inform users about the memory usage from these apps and also offer a convenient way to uninstall them if they’re not interested in having them. In about two weeks from now, this case will go to trial and the two companies will need to respond by then or face strong penalties.

What do you make of these allegations?

Source: IBTimes

Via: Phone Arena