Chapel Hill North Carolina Bans All Cell Phone Use In The Car

Chapel Hill, a thriving school town in the Research Triangle part of North Carolina, and home to the UNC Tarheels has set a precedent by passing a local law banning all use of cellphones in the car.

Chapel Hills ban on cellphones is the hardest ban on cellphones of any kind in the United States. It bans texting while driving, talking while driving and even talking while driving using a bluetooth device or speaker phone.

The law goes in affect in June however Gizmodo points out there are a couple of loopholes. Chapel Hill’s law allows the driver to talk with their spouse, parent or child and of course they can make emergency calls. For the time being the fine is only $25.

It’s a start in the right direction for those supporting cell phone bans. Bluetooth and handsfree device laws make much more sense as well as the laws banning texting while driving.

source: Gizmodo via Mobileburn