Cellular variants of the Gear S2 now getting Samsung Pay support

Samsung Gear S2

While standard WiFi variants of the #Samsung #GearS2 have already received #SamsungPay support, the company is now enabling the feature on the cellular variants of the wearable as well. By simply heading over to the Gear Manager App on your paired smartphone, you will be able to update to the latest version of the company’s software which will automatically add the feature.

Given that the Gear S2 doesn’t have MST support by default, users will be able to pay only where there are NFC based terminals. This is a small inconvenience for basically being able to pay with your smartwatch. The update is available globally right now, so if you own a cellular enabled Gear S2, be sure to grab the update from the company’s Gear Manager app.

Samsung Pay is one of the most versatile wireless payment platforms available out there, which makes it a desirable offering for many. However, limited adoption remains a big concern for Samsung, as it is for Google and Apple.

Source: Reddit

Via: Android Headlines