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Tim Cook Still Thinks Apple is In the Lead

    Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple, believes that Apple is still in the lead, despite the huge sales number from Samsung, and Android managing to take over Apple’s sales figures. According to Tim, who attended AllThingsD’s annual conference and spoke freely about his opinion on his company, “Arguably, we make the best PC,

Amazon Takes One Notch Up in Its Smartphone Ambition

There is no official confirmation yet about the much rumored Amazon smartphone. However, there are just too many indications from the company now about their ambition to release one according to TechCrunch. First, the company just announced that they will be selling two-higher end versions of their tablets, namely the Kindle Fire HD and the


Quantum Break by Remedy Studios revealed at Xbox Event

Remedy Studios, who were in charge of the Alan Wake series, have revealed Quantum Break, set to come exclusively to Xbox One. Microsoft touted Remedy for having incredibly deep set stories that are vital for the Xbox. The trailer has left many Remedy fans confused, the live action parts show some Beyond: Two Souls type

Google's GPS and Weather controlled Camera

Google seeks patent on GPS and weather controlled camera

Google has filed an application for a new patent with the United States Patent and Trademark office for “Device, System and Method for Image Capture Device using Weather Information”. That is a very fancy name, for what you might think would be a very simple task. But the task itself is very fancy, and impressive,

Apple in China

Apple revamps service and apologizes to Chinese customers

It is a very well known fact that China is one of the most important markets for the Cupertino tech giant. In fact, China is the second largest market for the company, and for no reason will the comapny lose any market share over there. Recently, the Chinese government has been furious on Apple for

A Look on the Top Android Password Manager Apps this 2013

A lot of the digital information being stolen these days is because of weak passwords, which paved the need for an Android password manager that can generate strong passwords and safeguard those passwords for you. Once you download this app, you would only need to remember one password—which is the code you would have to

Facebook finally starts updating their app via play store

  A few days back we had reported that facebook was busy updating their official app outside the play store. Users were surprised that their apps were getting updated outside the official channel and many of them even reported battery issues and stuck download issues with the update. Finally, the update is available from the

Plasma Sky – Rad Space Shooter Android Game Review

Sometimes you just want to pick up a game on your device and play it immediately without going through all the drama. Plasma Sky is just the game that will give you all the excitement and action you will ever need. It’s a space shooter game that lets you do one thing; destroy everything else

Jailbreak Secret to More Music on Your iPad

Though it has been rumored since last year that Apple might start its own music streaming service center but as long as it is still a rumor, you can have your own “radio buy buttons” through some easy to follow jailbreak lesson particularly for iOS 6.1! Now for those who love music…this can be a

So you lost your android smartphone, what next?

  Everyday thousands of people lose their smart phones either at work or while travelling. But how many of you get it back? I guess, only a few lucky ones. So, here are the few important steps that you should take after you have lost your smart phone! 1. Don’t Panic. Try to find it