Draw Something Re-Review

Available On: Android, iOS Price; Free, Micro transactions Download: Google Play | iTunes I’ve reviewed Draw Something in the past, but since then I’ve been able to get a Samsung Galaxy Note II, which comes with the S-Pen. It turns out that the S-Pen works extraordinarily well with Draw Something, and actually makes the game insanely

Xperia XA Ultra

[Deal] Sony Xperia XA Ultra for $299.99

The #Sony #XperiaXAUltra is now selling via Amazon for just $299.99. This is the lowest price we’ve seen on the device, which has come at the right time given that Black Friday is only a day away. For those unaware, the Xperia XA Ultra is a large sized smartphone with a fantastic camera under the

YouTube Logo

New YouTube Update Lets You Select The Streaming Quality

We have all probably used YouTube and it’s especially annoying when due to either their discretion or low network quality to have to watch a non-HD video. You already could manually choose between HD and non-HD quality, but you couldn’t specifically pick which quality you wanted. Now you can. This feature has actually been on the

Domino’s Pizza App Updated With Google Wallet Support

Domino’s mobile app is very convenient if you want to order a pizza on the go. Now if you use Google Wallet, it just got even more convenient. Today, Domino’s updated their app to let you pay with Google Wallet when you order an item from their menu. If you want to pay without thee

HTC M8 Wallpapers And Sounds Leak

Now that the hardware has pretty much unmasked, now it’s the software’s turn. We’ve seen that the new HTC One is already running Android 4.4.2 KitKat and Sense 5, but we haven’t heard many of the sounds from the device or seen the wallpapers. Yet here we are. There are 18 wallpapers in total, mostly

Ndemic previews Plague Inc. 1.7 Update With New Modes

Plague Inc is a great game that has a large following of fans, including myself. If you don’t know what the game is about, you have to indirectly mutate different pathogens to infect and kill everyone on Earth. It’s actually very fun. Whenever they have a new update, it’s always fun to play. The latest

Nokia EOS will be named the Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia’s big summer release, the EOS, may have its official name after evleaks, the credible Twitter source, outed the Nokia EOS and the Lumia 1020, a big advancement on the current Lumia 925. While it is believed to be a full camera smartphone, Nokia may go all out with the specs on the new Lumia

Sprint HTC One Review

We’re a bit late to the party, but as they say..It’s better late than never. The HTC One has to be one of the top Android handsets you can buy in 2013, even though it’s already June. The device, which sports a 1080p 4.7″ screen, 1.7Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU, 2GB of RAM and a

Apple releases iOS 7 beta 2, adds iPad support

Apple, as expected, has just released iOS 7 beta 2 to developers. This comes exactly two weeks after the initial iOS 7 beta 1 release at WWDC. The new beta update also brings iPad support, something that wasn’t initially released with the first iOS 7 beta. The update is available via an OTA update if

LG Announces Press Event in NYC on August 7

LG announced tonight that they will be holding an “international media event” on August 7 in NYC. We’re not sure what they specifically mean by that, but we’re guessing they’re going to be announcing the next generation Optimus phones, especially after they told us last night that they will be using Snapdragon 800 processors in

LG Optimus F7 to launch on Boost Mobile starting June 27

As rumored in the past, Boost Mobile will start carrying the LG Optimus F7 starting June 27. The device, which features LTE connectivity, will cost $299 on a 2-year contract, and bring along a few mid-range specs with it. The LG Optimus F7 has a 1280 x 720p 4.5-inch display, a Snapdragon S4 Plus Dual-core

Sony i1 Honami cameraphone photo and specs leak

The Sony i1 Honami appears to be a cameraphone that will aim for the same kind of consumers as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and the Nokia EOS. The Sony i1 Honami is expected to be the first device in the One Sony line. Such product line is the brainchild of CEO Kaz Hirai, who

Lg may scrap their Optimus name for future high end devices

For the past few years, Lg has been busy developing new smartphones under their Optimus brand name and we have already seen plenty of high end successful devices with the same name. But new reports suggest that LG is planning to drop their famous Optimus nameplate for their high end devices and will come up

Tim Cook Still Thinks Apple is In the Lead

    Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple, believes that Apple is still in the lead, despite the huge sales number from Samsung, and Android managing to take over Apple’s sales figures. According to Tim, who attended AllThingsD’s annual conference and spoke freely about his opinion on his company, “Arguably, we make the best PC,

Amazon Takes One Notch Up in Its Smartphone Ambition

There is no official confirmation yet about the much rumored Amazon smartphone. However, there are just too many indications from the company now about their ambition to release one according to TechCrunch. First, the company just announced that they will be selling two-higher end versions of their tablets, namely the Kindle Fire HD and the


Quantum Break by Remedy Studios revealed at Xbox Event

Remedy Studios, who were in charge of the Alan Wake series, have revealed Quantum Break, set to come exclusively to Xbox One. Microsoft touted Remedy for having incredibly deep set stories that are vital for the Xbox. The trailer has left many Remedy fans confused, the live action parts show some Beyond: Two Souls type

Google's GPS and Weather controlled Camera

Google seeks patent on GPS and weather controlled camera

Google has filed an application for a new patent with the United States Patent and Trademark office for “Device, System and Method for Image Capture Device using Weather Information”. That is a very fancy name, for what you might think would be a very simple task. But the task itself is very fancy, and impressive,

Apple in China

Apple revamps service and apologizes to Chinese customers

It is a very well known fact that China is one of the most important markets for the Cupertino tech giant. In fact, China is the second largest market for the company, and for no reason will the comapny lose any market share over there. Recently, the Chinese government has been furious on Apple for