How To Change Skype Username

If you created a brilliant Skype username long ago, but now are regretting that decision after your potential employer has decided that they want to give you a job interview over Skype, you might feel a little worried. Or, it could be a girlfriend or potential romantic interest that wants to talk with you over

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S9?

Hard reset or factory reset is a very important procedure and you must know how to do it because there are times when a phone encounters a problem and may not work properly. A hard reset can alway fix any software-related problems. In this post, I will walk you through on how to hard reset

How To Get Verified On Snapchat

Getting verified across all social media platforms is important for businesses and personal brands for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that it makes their accounts more visible to potential followers — on most platforms, when people are searching for accounts, it’ll push a verified business’ or brands’ verified account to the

How to setup WiFi calling on any Android device

Update: As some readers have commented below, the Google Hangouts Dialers is the one-stop-shop for everything wifi calling you will need on just about any Android devices.  Released in September of 2015, this app is becoming the default wifi calling for most Android devices.  Combine this app with Google Voice, you will be able to

How to move apps to SD Card

Moving applications from your phone’s internal storage to a microSD card is just easy to do. In fact, you may only have to tap your screen a few times to move an app to an external storage. But the thing is, not all phones and apps support this feature. Of course, only smartphones with a

How To Unlock A Sprint Phone For Free

So you’ve got a phone on Sprint’s network, and you’re looking to unlock it to use on another network in the United States, or on a local carrier in a country you’re traveling to. Typically, when you buy a phone from a carrier, it is locked onto that carrier’s network, meaning you cannot take an

How to Setup Screen Security on Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Having confidential and personal information stored in your device, then the best thing that you should do is to secure it by adding security measures like PIN, PASSWORD, PATTERN, etc. in your device. Having these, it could be difficult for anyone trying to get those information. In this article, we will give you detailed steps on

How to fix “Not registered on network” bug on Android

“Not registered on network” is one of the common network problems in both Android and non-Android phones. In this short tutorial, we show you how to fix this problem on Android. Our suggestions are made generic in order to allow all Android users to understand the troubleshooting steps. What causes “Not registered on network” bug

How To Unlock A Verizon Phone Without The Code

Verizon often gets a bad rap before being more expensive than most, but that comes with a handful of different perks. Aside from having one of the best networks in the US, they also make it extremely easy to unlock their devices — no request form or stringent customer requirements necessary. The only “requirement” per-say

Reasons Why Android Apps Crash

Ever wonder why apps freeze, stop responding, or simply crash? The answer is not quite that simple. As smart devices flood our world in the past few years, we have become accustomed to using and, often, relying on some apps to go through our daily lives. With abundance of these apps comes the issue of

How To Block Text Messages On LG V40 ThinQ

Do you have someone in your life that is texting you incessantly? Or, maybe you’re getting frequent text messages from spammers that you want to stop receiving. No matter what your reason is, the LG V40 ThinQ makes it really easy to block their number, stopping them from not only texting you, but calling you

7 Best YouTube Video Editor App For Android In 2019

Looking for an application that you can use on Android to edit videos that you can upload to YouTube? There are actually plenty of choices out there on the market, more so than just the stock built-in video editor that YouTube has, actually. You might actually want to use a video editor app over the

How To Make A Minecraft Server In 2019

You might remember how hyped and popular Minecraft was when it went viral years ago. It was everyone’s favorite video game, and even though you might not hear about it much these days, Minecraft is still extremely popular. In fact, Microsoft ended up acquiring Minecraft when they bought the developer, Mojang, in 2014 for $2.5

How to add text to a picture

There are a lot of ways in adding text to a picture but in this post, we’ll only be doing it on an Android device using free services. Of course, since we’re talking about editing a photo using a phone, we should be using applications and there are just a couple of apps I want

How To Unlock A MetroPCS Phone

Buying a smartphone from a subsidiary is a great way to not only get access to cheaper smartphones, but cheaper service, too. Unfortunately, this generally means that you get poorer service in some areas, and that same thing goes for T-Mobile’s MetroPCS. MetroPCS is a great way for locals to sign-up for cheap, local wireless

Best rugged Android tablets money can buy

From luxury to commodity to absolute necessity, being able to connect to the web while on the go and carrying your work with you far and wide have taken new meanings in recent years, as conventional PCs lost steam and ultraportable alternatives rapidly gained traction. And whereas most smartphone and tablet owners nowadays still fall