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5 Best Upside Down Houses Around the World

Architecture has come a long way in the past few centuries. Today, the technology and really the ideas are expanding exponentially, giving birth to modern human-made monuments. While there are several great monuments out there, upside down houses don’t get the recognition they deserve. These houses are designed carefully to replicate the experience of a normal building flipped up. The resulting experience can be pretty amazing, especially given the little nuances that the architects add with their buildings. There are several buildings like these in the world and we’re going to discuss some of the best upside down houses you can see around the world.

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In addition to being what it is i.e. an upside down house, several of these places offer tourist attractions meant to give you the full tour of the place and the surroundings. These will come in handy if you’re not sure how to go about it yourself. People of all ages are welcome here, although caution is necessary if children are involved. Those who have been in these houses claim that they feel slightly dizzy while entering some of these houses, which speaks volumes about the effort that has gone into making these buildings. So without waiting any further, let’s get to our favorite upside down houses.

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5 best upside down houses around the world

WonderWorks, Myrtle Beach

This one from WonderWorks is slightly smaller than the WonderWorks upside down house in Orlando, FL, but still has all of the same excitement. In addition to being an actual upside down building, Wonder Works in Myrtle Beach, SC, offers a number of unique activities like laser tag, obstacle courses and other family oriented games. There’s a room with a bed of nails which is definitely going to be a good addition to your travel pictures.

Further, there are over 100 hands-on exhibits within the building, along with the ability to experience what it’s like to be in an actual hurricane, piloting a fighter jet, and several other experiences that you surely can’t afford to miss. If you’re prone to getting dizzy easily, we suggest you to stay away. However, these houses are an excellent exercise for your brain as it tries to adjust with the upside down life. You can get in for roughly around $27.99 while kids’ tickets are priced at $17.99. Both tickets are excluding taxes, so you’ll probably end up paying close to $31 and $21 respectively. If you’re ever around South Carolina, a visit to Myrtle Beach, accompanied by WonderWorks is highly recommended.

Haus Steht Kopf, Schwaz, Austria

This little gem is located in Austria, well, Schwaz to be precise. Almost every visitor who has been here feels a little dizzy at first, while some simply can’t handle it. This is because the walls and the floors are slightly slanted for architectural purposes. The fact that the building is built so perfectly is also something worth mentioning. If you’re in the area, it is advisable to take a combo ticket of €28, which will give you access to the nearest Parrot House and all the birds there. There are some butterflies in there too, which is sure to put a smile on everybody’s face. It’s a fun family activity, although some might not prefer going inside the house.

One of the popular tips from the visitors is that it can get pretty hot within the house during summer days, so it is recommended to carry a water bottle or a portable fan. If you’re used to hot weather, however, you should face no issues whatsoever with the house. One cool tip with houses like these is to get as many pictures as possible, from all possible angles. If you’re on a short stay to Austria, this trip will be worth it. You have to get to Terfens, which is located in the Schwaz district to reach this point. It’s a popular attraction nearby, so you will find relevant information in the area.

Upside Down Museum, George Town, Malaysia

We’re now heading to Malaysia’s George Town which is home to the Upside Down Museum. Naturally, it’s quite popular in the country and is filled with tourists throughout the year. You will have to pay 27 MR (Malaysian Ringgit), which is the equivalent of $7 to get into the museum and you’re free to take as many pictures as you want. If there are people lined up to get into the museum, it’s likely that you will have to wait. You will find this modern masterpiece at Penang, located towards the northwest coast of peninsular Malaysia.

It is said that the staff at the museum also help you pose for the photos, which is definitely a nice touch if you’re not feeling creative enough during the pictures. This has no doubt increased the influx of tourists to Penang, which is refreshing to see since tourists generally visit the metropolitan areas of Malaysia.

Upside Down House (Dom Do Gory Nogami), Zakopane, Poland

We’re back in Europe now, in Poland, where the Dom Do Gory Nogami is located. You will find this structure in Zakopane, which won’t be hard to find if you’re in Poland. Visitors must keep in mind that this is a relatively small upside down house, so the areas that you can check out are relatively less. Perhaps this is why the admission will only cost you €3. Sure, there aren’t a lot of areas to cover here and you will probably get over with the tour in just about 10 minutes. However, it’s still an upside down house, and is built very well too. So if you have a few minutes to kill in Zakopane, you could go and pay this house a visit.

Upside Down House, Kaliningrad, Russia

Russia has its own version of the upside down house situated in Kaliningrad. The house is built using the same principles as other similar houses, and attracts a vast number of tourists on a regular basis. The interiors of the house are absolutely amazing and you will immediately feel a sense of dizziness as you get in. Walking within the complex can be tricky as well since the floors are slanted at an angle to replicate a real roof. You will have to travel to the outskirts of Kaliningrad to find this house, and can find it easily by getting directions for the Park of Recreation and Culture, Yunost. Getting in will only cost you 300 Rubles, which is around $6. Kids enter for free, so even better if the entire family is going on the trip.

There are several upside down houses around the world, and these were our best picks. Let us know if we’ve missed out on any other awesome structures like these!

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5 Most Famous Pink Lakes Around the World

We find lakes all around us. Most lakes have a transparent color or a combination of light green and other similar colors. However, there are a few lakes around the world that are completely pink. Yes, they do exist. If this is the first time you’re learning about this, you’d like to know that there are several places across the world that have natural pink lakes.

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There are a wide range of reasons for these lakes to be pink in color. While some have high salt content, others have algae underneath giving them the lush pink color. It is often said that it could be a combination of both the factors.

We are going to list out the top five pink lakes that you can put in your list of spectacular places to visit on your next vacation.

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5 most famous pink lakes around the world

Lake Hillier, Australia

This is a spectacular natural pink lake located in Middle Island, Western Australia. It’s pretty big, and there are a variety of aerial tours conducted from Esperance (the closest airport) for under $300. We’re not quite sure what gives this lake its color, however, it is believed that the fact that it’s pretty high in terms of saltiness combined with the presence of local algae is primarily why the lake is pink in color. The lake retains its rich pink color even if the water is taken out, making this a permanently pink lake.

It is ideal to stay at Esperance if you want to enjoy the marvel of Lake Hillier. You won’t find a lot of hotels, but there’s enough for a town of its size. Due to the lake being a popular nearby attraction, people are expected to be popping by ever so often from all parts of the world. There’s a beach touching Lake Hillier, which largely explains the saltiness of the lake. It’s not inhabited by humans, so getting there is probably going to be tough. But if you do manage to get there, be sure to take your swimsuits along with you as it’s non toxic and has no animals to be scared of. The lake is inhabited by microorganisms and algae that give it the color. Visitors who have been to the lake mention that the lake doesn’t look all that pink from up close, but is definitely a change from regular lakes.

Lake Retba, Senegal

Lake Retba, or Pink Lake as it is popularly known is yet another spectacular pink lake located close to Dakar, the capital city of Senegal. The drive shouldn’t be long from the city, so if you have made it to Dakar, the job is pretty much done. As for the lake, it has high saltiness, at nearly 40%, which means it could be harmful for the human skin with prolonged exposure. Keeping this in mind, the locals apply a mixture of butter all over their body before diving into the waters. It is possible

Retba or Lac Rose, gets its pink color thanks to the sun and the same algae (Dunaliella salina) that makes Lake Hillier Pink. Considering the fact that the salinity of the lake is almost as high as the Dead Sea, is is possible to float in some parts of the lake. However, given the dangers it poses to your skin, it is recommended not to be exposed for long. Since the sun is a massive factor behind the color, the lake is at its pinkest when the sun is beating down heavily. A lot of tourists visit the place and have great stories to tell. If you happen to be in Africa, this one’s definitely worth checking out.

Las Salinas de Torrevieja, Spain

Situated in Alicante, Las Salinas de Torrevieja gets its color thanks to archaeas and dunaliellas, the algae located underneath the lake. Most pink lakes get their color from the same algae along with a combination of sunlight. You will be able to get to the lake through the nearest airport (Alicante), which is a port town, and filled with decent hotels for your stay. While the lake isn’t as spectacular as the other ones we’ve talked about on this list, it is definitely meant to be seen if you’re around Valencia. Since it is located near the Mediterranean Sea, you will find a healthy fishing community around with very helpful locals. The place can be visited all throughout the year since the weather doesn’t affect the experience in any way. However, some users have mentioned that they would prefer it to be warmer.

The lake doesn’t have high salinity, which means you can’t float on it. It’s a beautiful and massive lake, which will surely take you a day to completely explore. There are parks around the area, giving you an even better glimpse of the lagoon.

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

This lake, situated in Bolivia, South America, has one of the most beautiful sunrise and sunset spots, with the addition of flamingos early in the morning. The place comes highly recommended by everybody who’s been there. The color comes from the algae underneath, although local folklore claims it’s the “blood of the gods”. There are multiple Salt Flats tours conducted in the area which will definitely give you a better glimpse of the entire area. We highly recommend you to try this out if you’re not in the mood to explore all this by yourself. A 3-day tour will set you back by roughly $370, which isn’t much considering what it offers. Laguna Colorada has its own airport, although it’s not accessible at all times, so be sure to plan ahead.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

This is a slightly different lake compared to the others we have mentioned on this list. The lake has temperatures of above 40 °C (104 °F) sometimes even touching 60 °C (140 °F). This, coupled with the fact that the lake is located close to the Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano means the lake has high alkaline content. The red color is derived from the microorganisms that exist on the lake. It’s not one of the popular pink/red lakes around the world, but it’s on our list given its location close to a volcano. The nearest airport to Lake Natron is the Julius Nyerere Airport located in Dar es Salaam. Most international flights go there, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a flight that you like. There are plenty of resorts and hotels around Lake Natron, so you shouldn’t find much trouble getting decent accommodation. If you’re lucky enough, you might even encounter some of the local wildlife on your trip. Bear in mind that it’s probably not safe to swim in Lake Natron, and we recommend heading over to Zanzibar, which offers a similar experience, but with safer water fronts.

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5 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas in 2019

Traveling with your pets can be quite a difficult task at times. This is because most hotels don’t welcome pets as they do their human guests. This is particularly the case especially if you’re in a place like Las Vegas. One of the most popular destinations in the world, Las Vegas is home to a wide range of casinos accompanied by massive architectural beauties in the form of hotels. However, there are some hotels out there that offer the same kind of welcome and treatment to the pets as humans. We’re going to talk about these hotels today. So here are the 5 best pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas.

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5 best pet friendly hotels in Las Vegas

Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

The Four Seasons in Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist hotels in the area. It consists of lavish complexes, luxurious rooms, and a very friendly pet policy. The Four Seasons welcomes pets of its guests with open arms, and allows up to two pets provided they each weigh not more than 25 pounds. There’s a charge of $100 for a single pet per stay.

As for the hotel itself, the Four Seasons comes with all the modern amenities you can imagine, including 24 hour room service and a massive conference hall for meetings and other events. There’s even a minibar near the pool, allowing you to beat the heat more effectively. Visitors will also find a wide array of shops within the hotel to purchase gifts or souvenirs. Further, there’s a dedicated spa if you’re ever in the mood to pamper yourself. There’s a lazy river within the hotel as well, allowing you to just lay back and relax.

Travelers have great things to say about the service provided by the staff here, making this a worthwhile stay for all visitors. If there’s one word that comes to mind about this particular hotel, it’s luxury. However, luxury is synonymous with a lot of Las Vegas resorts and hotels, so that’s not the only metric that we can use to judge a hotel in the area. This hotel is recommended if you don’t gamble and/or prefer a non-smoking hotel. An average room at the Four Seasons will set you back by $240 per night.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

This is yet another pet friendly hotel in Las Vegas which is known for its luxury. Users who have been here say that dogs receive royal treatment at the hotel with surprise gifts and treats provided to your pets periodically. The hotel only allows dogs, however, so your pet choices are fairly limited. You can bring only two pets, each weighing 25 pounds or lower. There’s a fee of $50 per pet, which is reasonable considering how they’re treated. This isn’t a smoke-free hotel, however, so you will find people smoking within the premises. Customers mention that there’s no free parking, which can be a concern for some people.

The restaurant itself is filled with large rooms with all the facilities you can imagine. The hotel comes with 14 restaurants and 3 cafes, and most of them are open throughout the day, so you will have no trouble finding something to eat or drink at any given time. If you’re a Marriott member, you can use your points here at the hotel, which is convenient. There are 3041 rooms to pick from, so you will find that there’s something for everyone’s liking. Further, there are three outdoor spa tubs and three swimming pools, but we suggest getting here early as it can get pretty crowded really quickly.

Overall, your stay at the hotel is expected to be excellent thanks to the courteous staff at the hotel. There’s always someone to help you out with something, which is really helpful in a property as large as this. A night at this room will cost you about $159 on average.

Caesars Palace

The Caesars Palace is one of the highly rated hotels in Las Vegas and somewhat of a tourist attraction, thanks to mentions in several movies and TV shows. It’s one of the most recognizable resorts on Las Vegas and often times the preferred hotel for a lot of travelers. It also has its own casino, which can help you kill some time playing slots or something involving a lot more money. The property has 16 restaurants and four coffee shops to keep you entertained throughout your stay.

And yes, it’s pet friendly. Caesars Palace allows customers to bring a maximum of two pets. The total pet limit is 50 pounds, so you probably won’t be able to accommodate bigger dogs at the property. Much like other hotels, only dogs are allowed at the resort, which is a letdown for cat owners who want to travel. There are a total of seven outdoor swimming pools to keep you relaxed throughout your stay and a spa to go along with it.

Naturally, a hotel of this caliber won’t compromise on quality, so you’re assured of getting the best service from the front desk staff as well as the housekeeping department. 24-hour room service is available at the hotel, so if you need anything in a hurry, the hotel should be able to sort you out. Caesars Palace has a large expanse of rooms ranging from $136 to $1000.

The Mirage Hotel & Casino

This hotel has a slightly restrictive pet policy as it only allows up to two pets weighing a total of 40 pounds. Only dogs are allowed as with the other hotels on this list. You will have to spend an additional $125 per night for each pet, which can bring up your total tally to quite a bit. This is a slightly unconventional policy in comparison with the other hotels on the list, but the hotel makes up for it with its extravagant architecture and lavish interiors.

There are 10 restaurants within the hotel and two coffee shops. Getting to and from the hotel is convenient thanks to the hotel’s limo and town car service. It’s important to remember that there’s also a casino on this property, so the guests will probably spend a long duration of their stay at the casinos, provided they like gambling. There are plenty of other activities to undertake within the hotel to kill some time barring the casinos and the restaurants. The staff is very helpful and will help you make your stay perfect. There’s 24 hour room service as well.

Rates for the room start from as low as $45 and go all the way up to $210. As far as hotels in Las Vegas are concerned, this one is among the cheapest.

Paris Las Vegas

Yet another major landmark in Las Vegas, Paris is a popular hotel preferred by thousands of guests every year from all over the world. It has a massive Eiffel Tower replica on the front, which gives it the legendary status that it enjoys in the city. Their pet policy is pretty relaxed and they allow up to two pets at a charge of $75/pet per night. The dogs shouldn’t weigh more than 50 pounds combined. No other pets are allowed on the property.

There’s a nightclub within the resort which can help you unwind after a tiring journey, although you’re only likely to get more tired with all that dancing. There are 13 restaurants and a coffee shop to choose from, so you’ll have plenty of resources to keep you occupied during your stay at Paris. The room collection is diverse and you can book one night at Paris from as low as $59 per night. The most expensive room at the hotel (available online) will cost you $172.

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5 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in London, UK in 2019

Let’s face it, most of us love to travel but we don’t because it’s inconvenient. Either financially or because you have a pet that cannot travel with you, especially with strict hotels. However, there are hotels dedicated to serve your pets along with you, which makes traveling all the more easier for families. There aren’t a lot of hotels that offer this, but if you’re in London, you’ll find plenty to your liking.

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In order to make your search easier, we’re going to list out some of the finest pet friendly hotels available in London right now.

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5 most pet friendly hotels in London, UK

Hotel 41

Located in Buckingham Palace Road, Hotel 41 was setup in 2000 and has set very high standards for its service and quality. As far as the pets are concerned, guests who have stayed at the place have nothing but high regards for the staff of the hotel. You can tell a lot about a hotel by the way their staff is train, and this is a perfect example of that. Dogs are welcomed the same way you are, and the people work around the clock to make sure your needs are met. This is perhaps why the hotel has a resounding amount of five star reviews on almost every travel site. They’ve set really high standards which makes customers want to keep coming more often.

As for the hotel itself, the architecture is spectacular and showcases royalty on a high scale. The rooms are kept in spotless condition to ensure you have absolutely no complaints with the hotel. Like most hotels, Hotel 41 can only accommodate small dogs, so it’s probably not a good idea to come with a larger dog.

The stay is recommended for families, couples and singles. The hotel will cost you $470 per night, which is quite a lot, but when you consider the fact that this is one of the best hotels in London, you probably won’t mind paying the premium price. It also helps that the staff pamper their guests lavishly, keeping them hooked onto the property. If you’re ever in London with your dog and want a decent hotel where the needs of you and your pet are met, we highly recommend trying this out.

Egerton House Hotel

This hotel is located quite close to London’s Hyde Park, and is one of the popular hotels in the region. It has a dog friendly atmosphere with the staff going out of their way to make sure your dog is happy and content. There is a dedicated breakfast menu for dogs and a bunch of treats at the bar that can keep your dogs excited. As far as dog friendly hotels go, the Egerton House Hotel is definitely up there with some of the big names.

It seems like there’s an industry slowly developing for dog friendly hotels as pets are usually frowned upon on conventional properties. But these hotels are openly welcoming dog owners to experience the lavishness served on both the pets and the guests. The hotel is amazing in its own right and the customers will have nothing to complain about as far as quality and the overall stay is concerned.

Customers who have been to the hotel talk about the amazing personalized service offered by the hotel, giving equal importance to each guest. A standard room at this hotel will cost you $399.99 per night, which is as reasonable as they come in the London area. Given its location, the hotel can be accessed from various points of London, which is a key factor for every traveler.

The Milestone Hotel and Residences

This particular hotel goes above and beyond in terms of their service to the canines. They have a dedicated concierge for dogs to keep them entertained as you enter the hotel. Located right in front of the Kensington Gardens, the Milestone Hotel is sure to be a treat for you and the pet you take along. Bear in mind that only small dogs are allowed, so we suggest discussing with the hotel before making a reservation. The hotel sees travelers from all parts of the world and the consensus is that the service and the staff are simply amazing.

Travelers also talk about the hotel having an excellent massage therapist, which is worth considering if you are on a holiday devoid of any work related stress. The rooms are as you would expect, and you get some of the older architecture on display here, which is a refreshing change from the city. The hotel is rated #3 among all hotels in London, which doesn’t really surprise us given that Milestone has been a name synonymous with quality for quite some time now.

If you’re from nearby London, this hotel is recommended for a quick getaway and a whole lot of pampering (for the dogs too). You will have to shell out $476 per night for this particular hotel.

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

A cost effective option if you’re ever in London. This hotel openly welcomes pets, so you can carry your dog along with you without much worry. The staff at the hotel will make sure the pet’s needs are met, so you can finally have some time for yourself. Each room of the hotel comes with its own history, which the staff are very helpful to tell the visitors about. This is a massive property with huge halls and stairs, reminiscent of an era gone by. You can visit this hotel for practically any occasion, although we recommend informing the hotel beforehand if you’re planning a surprise for your significant other. There’s a particularly interesting breakfast buffet, which is worth a try.

This hotel will only cost you $280 per night, making it one of the cheaper options on this list.

The Arch London

This hotel takes pampering to another level, although at a fee. Your pets will be charged £15 ($21) per day which includes their accommodation as well as food, so it’s not a bad bargain. The Arch has a perfect mix of modern and older architecture, striking the perfect balance. The hotel is located close to Oxford Street in Marylebone, so if you’re in London, finding the Arch shouldn’t be a hard ask.

As you would expect, the reception staff are helpful and patient with the customers. They guide you through the entire process of checking in and will help you understand how your pets will be accommodated and fed. Travelers talk about free soft drinks offered at the Arch, which is certainly a nice touch. The hotel has consistent five star reviews from a wide range of tourists, so you can probably say with some amount of certainty that the Arch is worth your money. The hotel charges $318 per night and an additional $21 per day for your pet.

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5 Best Honeymoon Hotels in Santorini in 2019

So you just got married or are about to get married, and you’re picking a honeymoon spot but can’t figure out where to go yet. Well, we’ve all been there. If you’re still torn on where to go on your magical few weeks, well, Santorini in Greece is a very good option. It’s home to a lot of scenic views enriched with a lot of history. This is the perfect spot for your honeymoon.

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Okay, so we’ve settled on Santorini. But surely you won’t be able to find decent hotels on your own. Given that this is a tourist town, there are so many hotels to choose from. We’re going to help you narrow your search by picking the best hotels suited for your ideal honeymoon in Santorini. So let’s get right to it.

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5 best honeymoon hotels in Santorini

Canaves Oia Hotel

This hotel is highly rated by travelers as the best place in Santorini mainly for the kind of views it offers and the luxury at offer. It’s incredibly well built, although the standard rooms and suites are in different locations, which can be a bit of an inconvenience at times. The hotel also offers private yachting for tourists, which should make it an ideal place to be for your honeymoon. Reviewers also praise the infinity pool on the property which apparently offers the best view among the lot of hotels available here. There’s also a minibar right next to the pool so you can unwind and relax while handling the heat in Santorini. Bear in mind that the hotel is slightly away from the main strip of Santorini, which means you’ll have to go a bit further to reach this hotel.

But it will all be worth it for the kind of luxury and the natural views that it provides. No hotel can be good without its staff and the Canaves Oia is no different. Customers mention that the staff are incredibly helpful and polite to guide you through the intricacies of Santorini. Not all of the rooms here have bathtubs, which might not be a dealbreaker for everyone. You get amazing visuals of the Aegean Sea from this particular hotel making this one of the best hotels to stay at when you’re in Santorini.

They even have a dedicated wine cellar with wine tastings conducted for the visitors. If you’re into wine, this is definitely worth a try. Rooms at the hotel will set you back by about $309 (on average) while the most expensive rooms will cost you about $1300.

Andronis Luxury Suites

This is yet another property located on the Aegean Sea which will surely make you fall in love with Santorini. It has all the aspects of a luxury hotel including an infinity pool and several amenities to make it a memorable honeymoon experience. There are some small quirks, but that’s mostly down to the fact that Santorini is pretty isolated. You shouldn’t be surprised if the Wi-Fi doesn’t work as you need it to, as it is a common theme among all hotels on the island. However, it is recommended to keep yourself free of internet connectivity when you’re on your honeymoon at this magical location, so the lack of proper Wi-Fi is not necessarily a problem. But visitors will be pleased to know that the property offers free Wi-Fi to all users, so you will be able to use internet without paying a fee, whenever available.

You get to see amazing scenic vistas from the hotel, which can be said about pretty much any hotel along the shores of the Aegean Sea. Andronis is ideal for honeymooners who don’t want to be buried in the hurry of city life and just want time for themselves to unwind and relax.

Some things about the hotel that every visitor needs to know about. For starters, you can’t adjust the temperature on your hot tub unless you make a call to the front desk. This is a minor quirk, but worth knowing beforehand. The steps leading to the hotel are said to be pretty steep, although couples will probably not mind this. The hotel is at a walking distance from Oia, making it a convenient location those in Santorini. Prices for the rooms start from $384, going all the way up to $1500.

Art Maisons Luxury Santorini Hotels Aspaki & Oia Castle

This is yet another beautiful property located on Oia in Santorini. It has some of the best views and amazing rooms which will suit your liking. It’s the best place to be for romantic couples as it allows for seclusion and a wide range of couple centric activities that can be enjoyed by those on their honeymoon. Every guest at the hotel is served free Greek breakfast at the bar each morning, which is certainly a nice touch by the hotel. It is recommended to try out the suites in this hotel as they are all designed like caves and have amazing in-room features.

You also get a view of the volcanic rock from this hotel, which is something that not all hotels can offer in the area. One minor inconvenience here is that if you’re staying in Oia Castle, you might have to head over to the Aspaki property to use some of the facilities. The Junior Suite starts from $444, while the best room, known as the Deluxe Pool Villa will set you back by $935 per day. This option is ideal for large groups traveling together.

Dream Luxury Suites

This property is located in Imerovigli and is quite away from the rest of the hotels we’ve mentioned on this list. However, it is equally beautiful, if not better and offers a variety of experiences for honeymooners to indulge in. The rooms are well built and are incredibly luxurious, ideal for new couples. The views from the hotel are considered jaw dropping by several reviewers, so you definitely won’t be starved for vistas around the vicinity.

What makes this hotel excellent for couples is the fact that it’s away from some of the popular areas of Santorini, making it ideal for couples who prefer privacy over the noise of tourists. The view from the pool is particularly breathtaking and will surely leave a lasting memory in your lives. This hotel comes highly recommended from a variety of travel sites and experts, making this an instant pick in our books. The cheapest suites in the hotel will set you back by $587 whereas the top of the line villa will cost you close to $900.

Grace Santorini Hotel

This is rated to be one of the best hotels in Santorini. It has one of the biggest pools in the caldera, making for a breathtaking view from a number of locations on the property. You get pampered heavily here, which is the hallmark of Greek honeymoon hotels. Most rooms even come with private plunge pools at Grace Santorini, which helps couples isolate themselves from other tourists. It’s no surprise that reviewers call this the “perfect” place for honeymooners. The location is ideal and has some of the best in-room features available on the island. If you’re hard pressed between multiple hotels, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick Grace Santorini.

The cheapest room in Grace Santorini will cost you $631 whereas the expansive villa will cost you $5100. Happy honeymooning!

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5 Free Things to Do With Kids in London in 2019

Being a Londoner, I can say comfortably that it’s incredibly expensive to live there. Even more so if you’re visiting the city as a tourist. However, there are a few ways you can save money by budget hunting for hotels and restaurants. But what about other places in London? Well, you will be surprised to know that a large amount of historical places don’t have an entry fee, allowing your entire family to visit the places and cherish the memorable experiences.

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If you find that your kids are in need of some adventure within the city, there are a ton of places that could keep you and them occupied. We’re going to discuss five of the free things you can do with your kids when in London. The list is even longer, but we’re only picking five of the best places in London.

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5 Free Things to Do With Kids in London in 2018

British Museum

The British Museum is one of the most visited museums in the city, and with good reason. It is home to iconic historical objects like the Rosetta Stone, a stone from 196 BC and discovered in 1799. This historical stone has been in the British Museum since 1802. The well designed atrium allows for a large group of families to visit and gaze at a wide range of objects dating back to several centuries.

The British Museum also holds activities for its younger audience. This is convenient for your children to get a very good insight on the things found within the museum. These activities are offered at no cost by the British Museum, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out a hefty fee. The museum also conducts family workshops, which can be a very fun experience for families.

Entry to the British Museum is free, and it remains open all through the year (barring December 24, 25, and 26) from 10AM to 5:30PM. The museum is open until 8:30PM on Fridays, thus giving you more time to venture around the area. The British Museum will surely leave you with a lot of knowledge and education, which makes it highly recommended in the list of places to visit in London.

The Royal Observatory in London is also worth visiting if you’re a history buff. There’s a 24.5 billion years old meteorite in the museum which can be touched by kids, allowing them to get an experience to remember a lifetime.

The National Gallery

If you have younger kids, the National Gallery is an excellent place to take them. It is an art gallery which offers a wide collection of paintings and portraits from world renowned artists. Located in the popular Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery also offers kids a wide range of experiences, including family art workshops that the entire family can indulge in. The gallery holds art workshops for kids aged 5-11 on Sundays, which is definitely worth checking out. Saturdays is host to hands-on family art workshops for families with kids aged 6-12.

They also host storytelling sessions for children under 5, which will surely help your toddlers kill some time. The National Gallery is open on all days except during Christmas (24th through 26th), so you can visit the place all year. Naturally, entry to the National Gallery is free, so you can walk into Trafalgar Square and visit the place without requiring a ticket or a prior booking.

If you’re in London for longer, we also recommend visiting the Tate Galleries, which also has a vast collection of kid friendly experiences and workshops for families. Entry to Tate Galleries is also free.

British Library

Located near King’s Cross and built over a strenuous 30 year period by Sir Colin St John Wilson, this iconic landmark in London is worth visiting for everyone who is into reading and history. The collection at the British Library includes the Gutenberg Bible, the Magna Carta by King John, and several other historical titles, including lyrics from popular Beatles songs. Naturally, you will also find some classic English literature here that you might not find elsewhere. The architecture of the library deserves a special mention as it is built with absolute precision.

As with any other historical monument, the British Library also hosts guided tours for kids and adults. There are several workshops conducted during school holidays as well as weekends. However, it’s better to check for availability beforehand as times and activities vary depending on the time of the year.

The British Library opens at 10AM on weekdays and 11AM on Sundays. It closes up by 5PM or 8PM depending on which day of the week you’re visiting. Entry to the British Library is free for adults and kids.

Hackney City Farm

This can help you unwind from the busy city life of London within the ecosystem of plants and farm animals. There are several farms that can be visited around London, and Hackney is only one of them. The farm gets the name from the place it’s located within Inner London. You can find a wide range of farm animals within the farm, while the people within the farm offer important education on wildlife and environment conservation.

There’s greenery all over, which will be immediately apparent with the air you breathe. Given that there are farm animals located on the farm, it won’t be the best smelling place in London, but that’s a small sacrifice to make given that you’re going to be surrounded by beautiful farm animals. They also host pottery classes, although we recommend checking with them before you make any plans.

It’s a quaint property located within the city, which makes it a popular visiting place for locals and tourists alike. They feed the animals at around 16:00 every day, so be sure to visit the place then. Entry to the farm is free for all, which makes it one of the best places to visit if you have some time to kill.

Kensington Gardens

One of the major landmarks in London, the Kensington Gardens is situated near Hyde Park (another popular place worth visiting). This is considered a much more peaceful place to visit, especially compared to its neighbor, Hyde Park. The two parks are divided by the Serpentine lake.

The place is also home to Diana, Princess of Wales’ Memorial Playground, which allows kids and families to enjoy the atmosphere and indulge in a handful of games and other activities. This playground is only open for families, so individuals cannot enter the area. Kensington Gardens is highly recommended if what you need is a bit of peace and quiet away from the noise of London.

The Kensington Gardens are also host to The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, a shallow stone fountain, allowing kids to wade through the water.

The park can close as early as 3:30 PM on some days (depending on the weather), while it can go up to 7:45PM on most days. Entry to the Kensington Gardens is free for adults and kids.

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