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Facebook could be readying the launch of a Snapchat competitor

Facebook has been trying to acquire photo and video sharing app Snapchat for quite some time now. But since talks broke down for the possible purchase, reports are suggesting that Facebook could be looking to launch its own Snapchat competitor in the coming days. It is being said that this new app is codenamed ‘Slingshot‘

Facebook Nearby Friends

Facebook will soon notify users when a friend is within proximity

Facebook has now announced a new feature to its app which will notify people when their friends are nearby. This setting will be enabled with user consent of course, so people don’t have to worry about potential stalkers. This will allow users to communicate with their friends in real life having realized that they’re close

Apps and permissions: Is Facebook Messenger spying on us?

Google Play’s app permission system is meant to inform users of how far into our data and device an application will be able to access before we install an app, or before updating an app with revised permissions. But most users are not likely to bother reading the entire thing, which means we may already

Social integration: Google’s challenge for 2014

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt admits the need for better efforts in social networking, and says Google will not make the mistake of missing out again. Will we see better Google+ integration in Google products this year? Human beings are such social animals. Case in point: social networks are counted as among today’s most popular

Free Facebook: A smart way for carriers to promote data usage

A big chunk of mobile usage today involves instant messaging or chat, as well as social networking. On average, users spend 65 percent of their social networking on mobile devices, according to ComScore. Facebook itself says that 78 percent of its users access the social network on mobile devices. This makes sense. After all, social

Will Twitter be the next big thing in mobile chat?

Instant messaging seems to be the killer app for smartphone developers these days. With hundreds of millions of users, apps like LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat and Viber and the like are making a killing. These have actually gone beyond simple instant messaging. Rather, these companies have built whole content ecosystems around their chat apps: gaming, stickers,

FCC Shutdown: Tweet Your Anger

With the shutdown of the United States Federal Government, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the agency that tests and approves those mobile devices we are all so fond of is temporarily and indefinitely closed. About 1,700 full time FCC employees are going on forced leave without pay until the US Congress can agree on a


Phonebloks is a new smartphone made of detachable blocks

Two days ago, Dave Hakkens, a designer from the Netherlands, posted a video on YouTube and a crowd-speaking campaign on Thunderclap, showing a new idea on how to make smartphones reusable and sustainable, similar to how users upgrade a PC. The campaign, called Phonebloks, is designed to make every part of the smartphone visible on

How to Prevent Your Smartphone Battery from Exploding

The past few years have seen an increase in a number of smartphones exploding and unexpectedly catching fire. Some such cases just to mention a few include the Dubai incident where a Samsung smartphone owner reported their phone exploding, the incidents in Switzerland and Abu Dhabi where smartphone owners reported their phones catching fire and


Facebook developing Flipboard-style RSS news reader

We recently reported Facebook is developing their own RSS reader and it was set for June 20 release, this date never brought any reader from Facebook, instead Instagram got video features to rival Vine. The reader project may not be false, with WSJ reporting Facebook is developing a Flipboard style reader and has been working


Snapchat looking for $80 million funding for $800 million valuation

Snapchat has recently been looking for a second round of funding and reports now state the company has gained $80 million in funding from Institutional Venture Partners. This funding would put Snapchat at an $800 million valuation, a little lower than previously expected. While Snapchat may not be a $1 billion company just yet, they have been