5 Best Games Like Horizon Zero Dawn

If you haven’t heard of Horizon: Zero Dawn already, you’re missing out! Coming in as the third best selling PlayStation 4 game, Horizon: New Dawn puts players into a world run by machines. It’s one of the most exciting and talked about games today, and with an engaging story line and massive open-world, it has

5 Best Games Like Beyond Two Souls

One of the great things that people love about Beyond: Two Souls is the interesting characters and rich story line. The game also gives players tons of choice, allowing them to decide the fate of their character. No playthrough is the same because of this, and it keeps things extremely engaging. It’s primarily a story-driven

5 Best Games Like Halo

Halo is easily one of the best games on the market. Loved by millions, tons of players are purchasing the Xbox One to simply be able to play the game. It has an immersive story line, fast, action-packed content, and it has a brilliant soundtrack that seems to awaken the Master Chief in everyone. However,

5 Best Gaming Earbuds In 2019

One thing that’s important for gaming is what you’re using for your headset. It’s especially important if you’re on Android playing multiplayer games, and need to communicate with your team for the strategy you’re approaching. Unfortunately, on Android devices, you don’t need a full-size headset. In fact, they look a little awkward when you’re just

5 Ways to Be Your Own Boss Using an Android Phone

In just a few years, most of the world’s population is expected not to have a traditional job. Instead, people will be part of the “gig economy,” a new, powerful social trend that is taking place right now in most of the developed world. In the United Kingdom alone, the number of people who work