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7 Best Survival Games in 2019 For Android

Survival games have the tendency to keep you hooked for prolonged intervals. But how do you pick the best ones out there? It’s not that simple given the versatility of the Android platform. So it’s imperative that you have access to the best games out there so that your experience isn’t hindered in any way.

5 Best Hidden Object Games For Android

When we talk about games, the one thing that comes to our mind are addictive apps that keep you hooked for long intervals. Popular among these are the ones that have a mystery element to them. Be it locating a hidden object, or solving mysteries, these game ensure that the users stay hooked onto them

5 Best Deer Hunting Games In 2019

It is deer season and you don’t have time to head for the woods; we’ve all been there and know how depressing that can be! Don’t worry though, for hours of fun we have several games lined up to help you forget your troubles and spend some quality time in the digital woods bagging the

9 Best Casino Games For Android In 2019

Do you enjoy hanging out at the casino? Maybe you don’t have the money or time to be there as much as you want. That’s why you should consider looking at downloading your favorite casino games on your smartphone or tablet. Many of them are free to play as well, so if you find yourself

5 Best Bluetooth Controller for Chromebook Android Games

Android apps have arrived on Chromebooks, and that means access to a huge catalog of games. While you may not be able to play the latest AAA megahit on your Chromebook (yet!), there’s no shortage of older PC and console hits as well as current mobile gaming sensations. The only thing keeping you from enjoying

5 Best Police Chase Games For Android in 2019

Mobile games have come a long way since the past few years. The concept of mobile gaming started off with the original Snake, and has now evolved into a million dollar industry. We’re seeing several desktop games being rebooted for the Android platform, while a handful of original Android games are pushing the limits further.

5 best romance love story games in 2019

Romance as a genre is incredibly popular out there. Although most adult romance novels are prominent out there, we also have romance and love story books meant for all. The same can be said about games, which are available in abundance since the emergence of mobile platforms. However, which are some of the best romance

5 Best Chess Game App For Android in 2019

Chess is one of the most exciting yet frustrating games out there. It might not be as popular as conventional board games, but given the amount of effort and mental exercise that chess requires, it’s highly regarded as one of the most skillful games out there. So to master the game is not an easy

5 best games for girls in 2019

Games are a good way to kill time for us. We use games as stress busters or as part of our lives to make our day better. There are some incredibly addictive games out there that help you achieve these goals, although not all of them are meant for girls. These games usually don’t have

5 Best Poker Games For Android In 2019

If you’re a big fan of poker, but have trouble finding people to play the age-old card game with, then you might want to consider downloading and installing a good poker game for Android on your smartphone or tablet. Poker is a favorite among casino-goers, so if you either want to play online for money

5 Best Solitaire Card Games For Android In 2019

Remember the old solitaire card game on some of the older versions of Windows? It was a fun and quick game to play if you needed to burn a couple of minutes or time or make the day go by a little quicker as you worked. You can still get it on Windows, but now,

5 Best MOBA Android Games in 2019

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games are by far the most popular sub-genre of real-time strategy games, and they are becoming increasingly more popular on Android smartphones and tablets. Their click-based control schemes work great with touchscreen displays, and modern mobile GPUs have no problem with rendering epic fights in the HD resolution. We’ve surveyed

5 Best Music Games for Android in 2019

We can all agree that music is a big part of our lives. It helps us soothe our nerves or simply sit back and relax. But what if you could create your own music and have some fun as well? Well thanks to the massive growth of the Android platform, there are applications on the