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7 Best SIM Cards for Traveling to USA in 2019

Using your local SIM card in the United States can get very expensive very quickly when traveling from other countries. Roaming charges are just out of this world, and have — in the past — costed travelers thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. Is there any way to avoid this when you’re traveling throughout the

7 Best Bitcoin and Ethereum Apps for Android

Long gone are the days when cryptographic currencies and public blockchain-based distributed computing platforms were synonymous with the criminal underground. Today, we use blockchain, a distributed database that maintains a continuously-growing list of records called blocks and forms the backbone of both Bitcoin and Ethereum, to move from central record keeping systems to decentralized systems,

7 Best Police Scanner Apps for Free on Android

Police scanner apps can be both an exciting form of entertainment—like an audio-only version of an episode of Cops—or it can be a tremendously useful way how to avoid bad traffic caused by accidents. There’s a common misconception that all police scanners are illegal. That’s not the case. As explained by an ITL attorney, “In

5 Best Air Quality Android Apps and Sites

The air quality around us is constantly changing. Whether you blame climate change or natural causes, it’s no secret that big cities and towns are filled with pollution which can make living conditions incredibly difficult for everyone involved. Keeping this in mind, it can help to keep an eye on the air quality around you

7 Best Free VPN for Android in 2019

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) service creates a private, encrypted tunnel across a public network, making it possible for individual internet users to circumvent geo-restrictions and enjoy much greater privacy. While the technical aspects of VPNs are quite complicated, modern VPN apps for Android make this network technology accessible to everyone. Here are out top

7 Best Free Budget Apps for Android in 2019

Android is a pretty versatile platform and is home to nearly 3 million applications, ranging from games to productivity and some simply bizarre apps. Given the fact that there’s pretty much anything you can get on the Play Store, it can get pretty difficult to get the best apps out there. People might think the same

5 Best QR Code Scanner For Huawei P30

QR codes have been around for awhile now, and were predicted to be the “next big thing.” QR codes were essentially something that you could scan with your phone, which would then take you to a web page with some information, or possibly display a promo code or offer. Unfortunately, they never really took off,

5 Best QR Code Scanner For LG G8 ThinQ

QR codes have significantly dropped in popularity since their inception. At first, businesses thought they would be the next big revolution in processing information. By scanning a QR code, you would get instant access to a URL, promotion, or some sort of coupon code. However, since phones didn’t and never came with the ability to

9 Best Comic Book Reader Apps for Your Android Device in 2019

If there’s one thing even the latest generation of E ink displays isn’t good at, it’s comic good reading. On the other hand, Android smartphones and tablets, with their large, vivid, high-resolution displays, are a match made in heaven for comic books. That is, if you use one of the 9 comic book reader apps

9 Best Launchers for Your Android Smartphone

If you are still using your Android device with the stock launcher, you are in for a treat. The world of third-party Android launchers overflows with creativity, convenience, features, customization. Best of all, almost all launchers are available for free or, at least, offer free versions with limited functionality. And, please, don’t worry. There’s absolutely

5 Best Teen Dating Apps In 2019

Dating apps are great way to get to know people and set up a time to go out. If you’ve been looking for a partner within your own circle but just haven’t met “the one,” or anyone who you want to go out with, then a dating app may be your best bet. You know

5 Best Android Wear Apps in 2019

There are a variety of Android apps available in the market today, but not a lot of them are found for Android Wear smartwatches. Although the situation has gotten significantly better now, you won’t be able to find Android Wear apps for every popular application. But there are some key app developers who have dedicated