Echo Buds vs AirPods vs Galaxy Buds Best Wireless Earbuds in 2019

The headphone industry has improved significantly over the past few years. While Bluetooth headphones were considered the next-best thing, today we have earbuds that come with smart features with compatible devices to enhance your life significantly. Three of the smart earbuds that come to mind are the Amazon Echo Buds, the Apple AirPods and the

7 Best Stylus for Drawing on Android

If you’re an artist who likes to sketch on digital devices like tablets, the importance of a good stylus will be obvious to you. While basic styli are available in abundance, it makes sense to carefully look at all the best options before making your pick. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent third-party styli for

5 Best Bluetooth Keyboards For iPhone 11 Pro

We use our smartphones for everything. In work, we use it for email, creating and editing documents, messing with spreadsheets, and more. We do a lot of that with our phone’s on-screen digital keyboard. Unfortunately, that can get extremely uncomfortable over time and can reduce efficiency over time. That’s why an accessory like a Bluetooth

External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Windows 10

5 Best Way to Store Digital Photos Long Term

Photos and videos can now be stored in the digital format, thus negating the need to have actual photographs stacking up at home. This means you have the freedom to print these digital photos anytime, no matter where you are. But if you’re new to storing digital photos, the whole idea of properly storing photos

6 Best Family Plans for 3 Lines in 2019

It’s no secret that mobile data and cellular connectivity is a lot more advanced today than it was a few years ago. What this also means is that customers get access to more attractive and cost-effective plans for the entire family. But some families have a specific requirement, especially those with only three mobile users.

5 Best Wireless Headphones for Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the best flagships you can buy right now. It comes with hardware to rival any flagship on the market right now. However, what it doesn’t come with is a set of decent wireless headphones. This means that if you want to enjoy music wirelessly on your Galaxy S9,

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide Storage Options

5 Best MicroSD Memory Card For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Phones are coming with more and more storage space these days. In fact, it’s rare if you can find a 16GB flagship phone — most have moved onto 32GB and even 64GB base models. This ensures that you have plenty of space for photos, video, apps, games, documents, etc. However, for some folks, it’s still

7 Best Screen Protectors For Fitbit Versa

So you picked up a Fitbit Versa to log your workouts. The Fitbit Versa is great for that, as well as for monitoring overall health data. It can easily record workouts, like intense jogs, walks, gym sessions, and more. It even has a step tracker on it, as well as a heart rate monitor. It’s

5 Best Selfie Sticks For iPhone X

It can be difficult taking great selfies with just your phone, especially if you’re trying to get a group into the photo — you just can’t extend your arm out far enough! A great way to fix that problem is to use a selfie stick. A selfie stick will give you the field of view

5 Best Workout Headphones For iPhone XS Max In 2019

If you workout on the regular, you know that any ol’ pair of headphones won’t do. You need ones that not only are comfortable, last a long time on battery (if wireless), and have the ability to stay in your ears while running. Finding that perfect pair of headphones is always a difficult task, especially

5 Best Phone Cases For Google Pixel 2 XL

Phones are getting more and more expensive every year, especially the Google Pixel 2 XL, which sits at just under $1000. That can make it scary to pull out your phone, in fear of dropping it and shattering it. It’s just like money: if you had $10,000 in the bank, and pulled all that out

5 Best Car Chargers For Pixel 3

Charging your smartphone while on the go has always been a difficult task because the output is often horrible. You can pick up a car charger from any gas station or store — either on the cheap or for an absurd price — and get a charge of less than 1% an hour. Not only

5 Best Screen Protectors For iPhone XR

If you picked up an iPhone XR, you know just how beautiful that new Super Retina display is — it’s hard to beat the clarity and detail that it offers. Unfortunately, these new screens, like other smartphones, don’t last forever. They seem to accrue scratches just from sitting in our jean pockets, or by sitting

5 Best Wireless Chargers For Moto X4

The Moto X4 has a lot going for it as a budget phone that almost anyone can afford. However, with that budget price point, you are missing many of the luxury or premium features that come with a mid-range or even high-end device. One of those is wireless charging, but luckily, you can actually add

5 Best MicroSD Memory Card For LG X Charge

One problem that is apparent with all budget devices is the lack of storage. Most of these devices are extremely limited in the specs that they can offer because of the market that they’re geared towards — that said, there’s often enough for the operating system, a couple apps, and that’s it, unfortunately. The LG

5 Best Wireless Earbuds For iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro gets a lot of things right, but you still have the standard problem that all phones seem to have — less than stellar sound range. The quality of sound is excellent, but it’s just not super loud because, well, phones don’t get that loud. A great way around that is through

5 Best Wireless Headphones For LG V40 ThinQ

LG usually does a fairly decent job at packing their smartphones with some decent speakers, but they all still seem to have at least one issue: the loudness capabilities are absolutely terrible. They might have some clear and rich sound, but it’s fairly quiet, especially if you get a model without the Quad DAC. That

7 Best Wallet Case for Pixel 3a

Google recently took the wraps off the Pixel 3a, a budget-ranged alternative to the popular Pixel lineup. If you recently got the Pixel 3a, and are considering protecting it with a case, you will know that it’s not easy to find the specific case you’re looking for. Wallet cases in particular, are very handy as

5 Best Wireless Earbuds For iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is here, and if you’re planning on picking one up, you’re going to want to make sure that you have a great pair of wireless earbuds to go with the smartphone. The iPhone 11, just like previous iPhone models before it, come with the integrated audio chip to make music and speakers