Peter the HTC Pimp…

Before I get into this I really like my HTC Hero and My Mytouch 3G Well I just got done reading a review of what is probably the next thing out of the Android Pipeline for Verizon the HTC Incredible. Read the review for yourself over at our friends Devdroid by clicking here. Sounds like

Now.. What are your 5 favorite games

My good friend over at @bestandroidapps did a poll yesterday on your 5 favorite apps. Today tell me your 5 favorite games. I’ll start with mine but please don’t laugh 1. Dope Wars (I’ve been playing this since Palm and I love it I just wish I had the cheat codes)2. WORD GAME (I can’t

Hero Vs Moment Hero Won

Everyone following me on twitter knows I switched from the Samsung Moment to the HTC Hero on Sprint’s Now Network. So far so good as far as Sprint coverage is concerned. Their map in the store is very reliable unlike some carriers so I know which areas are going to be good and which ones

Shapewriter vs Swift it all comes down to a Ho! and of course $$

I really don’t like the stock keyboard on the Moment or My Droid so I started hunting an alternative and someone recommended Swype. I fell in love with Swype but unfortunately my great display on my moment doesn’t support Swype, in fact it doesn’t support a lot of the apps that instinctively run great on

Phishing and the risks people take

In a perfect world you would be able to trust everyone and its kind of disheartening that you can’t. I’m not going to make this a My Android is better than Your Iphone post although the heart of this post is the story about a Rogue Phishing app in the Android Market.. One AppOne StoryOne

10 Things Droid Does that Iphone Doesn't

1) Have a pull out Keyboard2) Let’s me customize my display with anything from 5 to 7 home screens3) Have widgets for facebook, twitter, Weather, FoxNews, CNN News etc4) Allows me to toggle GPS, Wifi etc right from the home screen5) Remove the battery6) Any Song as Rington Natively7) Multi-tasking (this is big like on

The Forum Question

Ok so I’m a blogger I love forums but don’t have the time nor desire to start one. I really like the idea of linking or partnering with one and have partnered with I really think Bryan may be onto something over there so here’s the reason for this blog. There are over 25

What's on your home screen (Droid Daily Driver)

What’s on your Home Screen?This post is good for beginning to casual users. Here’s my Home Screen for my Droid which is my Daily Driver. 1st there is a Verizon branded screen protector on this phone it really helps protect the screen. I am using Home ++ although its in Beta it’s in the Android

The Android Network

I am pleased to announce that I am part of the Android Network. As you’ve seen if you’ve read my blog im an enthusiast/fanatic moreso than a techie/hacker/modder and fit right in. The creator of the Android Network is trying to start a community of Android Blogs and sites that use the Android Network as

Nexus One & Tmobile Another Car Comparison

You’ll find I like to compare cell phone purchasing to car buying. Both require some kind of credit check, both used to require a sales person, and both require ridiculous amounts of time working on non-sense paperwork. Im going to Piggy Back on Gizmodo’s blog which sites how tmobile sent a big F-U to it’s

Revolutionizing the Phone Buying Experience

Google has posted this blog entry about revolutionizing the cell phone buying experience. I don’t necessarily agree with the post but here it is in it’s entirety Our New Approach to Buying A Mobile Phone Let me tell you this about the mobile phone buying experience though. I have a fair amount of experience in

What Google Has Done to their ecosystem

Basically they kicked the Racoons in the head and skinned the otters heres what I mean. *heres a disclaimer I still very much love my android phones and my google products. Ive had a google voice /Grand Central account for 3 years, used gmail since i had to be invited, use wave, have an orkut

The Apple Falling from the tree Animated Google Doodle

So today is Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday Simple Thoughts has done a nice blog about it CLICK HERE. If you went to today, which most people did, they saw the first ever animated Google Doodle, an apple falling from the tree. It’s so nice of Eric and Sergey to celebrate the birthday of Sir

Joined forces with

I’ve Decided to join forces with why here are the reasons Bryan seems pretty cool. He is promoting a healthy Android community without all the bashing that typically happens when people get passionate about something, like Android for instance. At least on twitter so many members of the Android community get along great, of

Swype is So Cool

Don’t know who started spreading it but I downloaded the Beta version of Swype keyboard for android. Unfortunately it didn’t work with my Samsung Moment. I am looking for a better virtual keyboard for my Samsung Moment. I rarely use the physical keyboard because the buttons are in a weird order and they feel cheap

Sprint going to 2.1

I got this from one of the best andoid sites out there https://www.droidtalk.comIt seems Sprint is going directly to Android 2.1 with the Hero and the Moment this is the break I’ve been looking for for my moment but it also means, as Droid Talk said, that Nexus One won’t have an exclusive on 2.1

The Hoopla Around the Nexus One

Before I start my rant I am sure I will end up with one… I love having the latest greatest android phones… Here’s what I don’t understand, in the summer of 2008 all of the hoopla was about the brand new google phone, could you believe google was making a phone and partnering with HTC..

My Daily Driver

So I am taking the position that rather than have an expensive hobby like collecting cars I have a hobby that does cost somewhat and that is smart phones more importantly, android phones, so my good friend thats a car dealer asked me Kyle , which phone is your daily driver. Just like cars I

Key Ring, wow that was easy…

So I was standing in the line at the only CVS open in Northern Virginia on Christmas Day, I was actually tweeting while the old lady in front of me was checking out and then it was my turn and the clerk said “Do you have a CVS Card” I proceeded to say yes and

Very Cool Picture

Ok So Its a tad bit ugly but My wife and I went to the Smithsonian American History museum and right after we looked at the Julia Child exhibit we turned around and found this car that had the logos of two of my favorite things, Red Bull and Android. I actually hate the taste