Top ten Apple Watch alternatives that support both Android and iOS

As an unapologetic (wink, wink), self-acknowledged Android aficionado (don’t call me a fanboy), and writer who earns money off Google’s prosperity, I’m practically and almost unconsciously compelled to dislike, scorn and mock Apple. But oftentimes, Cupertino makes it really hard to hate on them. The iPad Air and Air 2 are gorgeous and their “ecosystem”

Apple - Android

Apple to introduce its first ever Android app soon?

Apple has crossed horns with Google’s Android platform on a number of occasions. But it seems like the Cupertino manufacturer might be looking to bring an application meant for Android, in accordance with Beats Audio. Given that Apple now owns Beats, it’s only logical to assume that the app coming from them will have something to

Retailers Are Blocking Mobile NFC Payments

Recently Apple launched their mobile payments platform, Apple Pay. Like Google Wallet and Softcard, it uses NFC at retailers with the units to allow users to purchase items from a variety of retailers. Unfortunately, some of those retailers are now blocking NFC payments entirely. Some chains including 7-11, Rite Aid, Walmart, Best Buy, and many others

Apple iPhone 6 Bendgate

LG takes a jibe at the Apple iPhone 6 over #bendgate

As we all know, the LG G Flex from last year has a very unique flexible design. So it was only natural that the manufacturer would jump in on the criticism that Apple is seeing over reports of the iPhone 6 Plus bending under pressure. This has led to a Twitter trend called #bendgate where thousands

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Specs comparison

Again with the new iPhone(s)? Isn’t The Droid Guy supposed to be an Android-centric website? Leave droid fans alone. Be honest, you were thinking or wondering one of these things before you even finished reading our headline. And we completely understand your frustration. For the past two weeks or so, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Samsung Has New Screen Envy Ad For The Galaxy S5

Today Samsung has released a new ad for the Galaxy S5 and they are targeting iPhone users once again. For those of you who may be unaware, for the past few month it has been rumored that the new iPhone will come in a new screen size, either 4.7″ or 5.5″ (or both). If that happens that

Latest Samsung Galaxy S5 Ad Attacks The iPhone’s Battery

Samsung has long targeted Apple with their ads, and the new one is no exception. This new ad uses Samsung’s new Ultra Power Saving mode and the fact that you can swap a battery if needed. The ad calls iPhone users “wall huggers,” who are always huddled around outlets looking to charge their devices. As an iPhone

Google Slides Goes Live In The Play Store

This morning during the Google I/O keynote, Google announced that they completed their Google Drive apps and would be publishing the Google Slides app to the Play Store. It is now live as a free download. Google Slides lets you create presentations as part of Google Drive and also lets you import existing Powerpoint presentations to edit. With the

T-Mobile Unveils Both Uncarrier 5 and 6

T-Mobile just wrapped up their Uncarrier 5 (and 6) press conference and they did a lot of announcements. They ranged from device testing to music. First of all, they announced a lot of network improvements. First and foremost, their Wideband LTE network has launched in over a dozen new markets, which are as follows: Atlanta, GA

Waze Updated With New UI And Location Sharing Features

Today the social navigation app Waze has been updated to version 3.8, bringing improvements to both the UI and the location sharing options. Waze now lets you find your friends that are in your contacts, allowing you to sync your contact list with Waze friends. So if you and a friend are both going somewhere,

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 vs Apple iPad Air – Specs comparison

Top-shelf Samsung Galaxy smartphones have been dominating Apple iPhones in raw speed, software smoothness, multitasking, accessibility and usability for years now, and that’s no longer just the biased opinion of an Android fanboy (which I am). Supported by sales numbers, as well as many nonpartisan critical reviews, Sammy’s superiority over Cupertino is on the verge

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 vs Apple iPad mini Retina – Specs comparison

Probably feeling Galaxy Tab Pros lacked the pizazz to really give Apple iPads a run for their money and show the world Android has a bright future on tablets regardless of bleak predictions, Samsung basically retired the four-month-old slates, replacing them with punchier, brighter, skinnier versions. Not by much, mind you, but just enough to

More Tablets Can Now Use AT&T’s Pre-Paid GoPhone Service

If you have an AT&T tablet and want a cheaper plan for it, there’s some good news for you today. AT&T has just expanded their GoPhone Tablet plans to include over a dozen new devices. Here are the devices you can now use on a GoPhone plan: Asus K005 Asus (TF300TL) Transformer Pad Google Nexus