Apple Music Beta

Apple Music updated with a couple of new features on Android

The #AppleMusic application on #Android is now receiving a new update which includes a couple of much-needed additions. Among the new features is the ability to subscribe to a family account directly within the app. Also, users will now be able to play music videos within the app. These are clearly very big changes and will

Square is rolling out their new reader with support for mobile payments

Square, the mobile payments startup, is finally getting onboard with mobile payments. After originally announcing their new reader back in June, they are finally starting to ship the device to retailers. The new reader not only brings support for chip-enabled cards (which have just started to become commonplace in the United States), it also brings support

Apple Music Beta

Apple Music Beta officially hits the Google Play Store

#AppleMusic Beta has now made its way to the Google Play Store, after weeks of leaking and being in a closed beta. The app can be downloaded by all and the user interface is much more polished compared to Apple’s first Android app “Move to iOS“. Upon opening the app for the first time, users are

Beats Pill Plus

Beats Pill+ is the second Apple made app to hit the Play Store

The #BeatsPill+ speaker now has a companion app on #Android, simply known as the Beats Pill+ on the Google Play Store. What this also means is that the app is Apple’s second entry into the Android app hub, after the first one (Move to iOS) received unanimously poor reviews thanks to the Android brigade. This

Rumor: Samsung prepping 3D Touch like feature for its phones

Synaptics and #Samsung have been long term partners and have been involved in the touch based fingerprint sensors that’s used on the recent lot of the #Galaxy flagships. With Synaptics recently releasing its new ClearForce tech that can detect pressure levels on a display panel, the rumor mill is rife with speculation that this feature could

Samsung Pay

Samsung pushes its anti-Apple campaign with two new ads

#Samsung recently took a jibe at #Apple #iPhones with a video ad. The company has now added two new ads to the list. One of them is about wireless payments or #SamsungPay. This is undeniably one of the biggest advantages Samsung has over the iPhones, at least in terms of wireless payments. The ad even

Samsung takes a subtle yet effective jibe at Apple in a new commercial

Apple’s tagline of “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” has been used and mimicked countless times before. But Samsung’s new jibe perhaps will hit #Apple the hardest, although it’s unlikely to make any difference in the actual sales figures when the #iPhone6s and the 6s Plus are officially released on September 25.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus – specs comparison

Oh, this is so going to piss off the hordes of already insecure, delusional iFans irritatingly navigating the interwebs to find and insult anyone who doesn’t share their distorted world view. Why delusional? Well, because it only takes a modicum of common sense to realize Apple’s “it’s not about specs, it’s the user experience” rhetoric is

Samsung Offering iPhone Users A Test Drive Of Their Phones

Samsung’s latest offerings are now available in a variety of countries around the globe, including in the US. However, their biggest competitor, Apple, is reportedly about to launch their next iPhone soon. So Samsung is now trying to get ahead of that with their latest promotion. Right now, Samsung is offering iPhone users the ability to test

Apple Android Job Listing

Apple supposedly looking to bring more apps to Android

A new job listing posted by Apple indicates that the company is looking to bring more Android apps to its users. The company has already announced its intentions to bring Apple Music to the Google Play Store and a new job listing posted by the company suggests that more could be on the way. While

Google Maps Directions Can Now Be Sent From Desktop To Mobile

Until now if you wanted to easily get directions to somewhere after using Google Maps on the desktop, you needed to go check Google Now and see if the location was in there. Now, Google is allowing users to send directions to a location directly on the device. When searching for a place, a new “Send

Microsoft Is Bringing Cortana To Android and iOS

In a move that was expected for some time, Microsoft has officially announced that they are bringing their virtual assistant Cortana to both Android and iOS devices. This makes it the first virtual assistant to bridge the gap on all three platforms. Microsoft says that their new “Phone Companion” app will help users of all

Google Starts Celebrating April Fools Early With Pac-Man

April Fools Day isn’t until April 1st, but Google has started their jokes early. Starting now, you can turn most streets in a real-life version of the popular video game Pac-Man. When you browse Google Maps on the desktop, or in the most recent version of the app for iOS and Android, there will be an

Apple Logo

Apple targets Android users with a new trade-in program

Android and iOS have been traditional rivals for a variety of reasons. While Apple for the most part called Android a “stolen” product, Android OEMs have quietly piled on the sales and snatched away market share from Apple. This dynamic changed to a great extent when the company recently unveiled the iPhone 6 and the