Top 20 Android-Compatible Wearables Better Than The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch may be the world’s best-selling smartwatch, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best smartwatch you can buy. As an Android user, your options are virtually endless since there are Android-compatible smartwatches that can fit any budget, any style, and any occasion. To help you make a good choice, we’ve put

5 Best 9.7 Inch Tablets For 2020

There’s a lot of reasons not to commit to a full 10-inch tablet, and mostly that’s just because it’s easier to store, but perhaps the full 10 inches is just overall too much. When it comes to any device, it’s all in the details, and a little bit less is often more. Either way, some

iPhone notifications stopped working after the iOS 13 update

When notifications stopped working without apparent reason, the problem could be just pretty minor. The worst case scenario here is that it can be a hardware problem, which means that the loudspeaker may have been damaged. But some iPhone owners reported to us about this problem that started after the recent iOS 13 update. That

Convert M4A To MP3 On MacOS

How To Convert M4A To MP3 On MacOS The Quick and Easy Way

M4A is  a file extension of an MPEG-4 audio file and is usually the format used by the iTunes store as the format of the song downloads. It is a much better format than MP3 as it provides a much more superior sound quality. There are times however when your music player does not support

Apple TV Remote Not Working

How To Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working Issue Easy Fix

Apple TV is a small network device that connects to the HDMI port of your TV that allows the streaming of digital data such as music, video, or the screen display from a Mac or iOS device. One of the best ways to navigate the menu of this device is by using the Apple TV

Apple hit by biggest loss in 4 years

Last Wednesday saw the biggest single-day loss for Apple in 4 years following the a dive of  company’s shares to 6 percent in the midst of the ever increasing competition in the lucrative mobile market. Both analysts and investors point to a few factors as reasons for the sell-off including a forecast by an influential

Skip The Sevens - Motorola

Motorola takes a shot at the Apple iPhone 7 in its new ad

The #Samsung #GalaxyNote7 is perhaps the most talked about smartphone right now, and not for the good reasons. Overheating issues with the battery have forced Samsung and the relevant authorities to order a recall of the phone. In the meanwhile, Apple released its iPhone 7 flagship duo last week to mixed response from the fans.

Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO has apparently made $160 million so far

A new report has mentioned that Pokémon GO has already earned about $160 million in revenues since it was launched on the 6th of July. This is quite a feat as the game hasn’t even crossed the 1-month mark yet. The figure covers both the Android and iOS version of the app. The report goes

iPhone 6s Android

Slightly complex hack brings Android to an iPhone 6s

Not many will be familiar with the work of hacker/developer Nick Lee. Recently, he managed to run Windows 95 on the Apple Watch. Why? Well, because he could. Plus it’s always nice to tinker around with hardware and software to give people a taste of what is otherwise considered impossible or unlikely. He’s at it

Q1 2016 saw a 3.9% increase in global smartphone sales

#Gartner has published a new report on the state of the global smartphone sales in the past quarter. According to the report, the global market saw an increase of 3.9% in sales compared to the same period last year (YoY). #Apple, understandably, saw a decline in sales over the one year period, while #Samsung was

WhatsApp now has its very own desktop app for Windows and Mac

One of the world’s most popular IM clients, #WhatsApp, is now available as a standalone application for Windows and Mac machines. Previously, users were limited to using WhatsApp on the browser via WhatsApp Web, but this new addition makes it more convenient for users to communicate with one other on their computers. The app is

PieMessage Android

PieMessage could finally be a secure iMessage client for Android

A budding developer named Eric Chee has devised a new way for #Android users to communicate with Apple’s iMessage servers. We must remind you that this is not the first time a developer has promised to bring iMessage on Android. Previous attempts, however, have raised security concerns as messages were supposed to be routed to a