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Toshiba refreshes Chromebook 2 with backlit keyboard and an upgraded processor

Toshiba Chromebook 2

Toshiba Chromebook 2

Are you looking to invest in a #Chromebook? Well #Toshiba has you covered with its new and upgraded model of the #Chromebook2 which comes with an enhanced Intel CPU as well as a new backlit keyboard, letting you type even in darkness.

There are two models on offer now, one with an Intel Core i3 processor and the other with the Intel Celeron processor. These will set you back by $329.99 and $429.99 respectively.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the Toshiba Chromebook 2 also has Skullcandy tuned speakers on board, which should make it a decent offering for multimedia enthusiasts.

The device retains the 13.3 inch Full HD display from the original Chromebook 2, so you’re getting a more than decent hardware for a reasonable price here. The USB 3.0 port is available as well.

The two Chromebooks can be bought from Toshiba’s own website as well as a handful of other participating retailers starting October.

Source: Toshiba

Via: Android Central

Toshiba Excite Go is a budget tablet priced at just $110

Toshiba Excite Go

Toshiba Excite Go

Japanese manufacturer Toshiba has just announced the budget Excite Go tablet carrying a solid price tag of $110. As far as the hardware is concerned, the Excite Go isn’t exactly a beast and it’s the pricing that’s the real highlight here.

The tablet packs a 7 inch 1024 x 600 resolution display, a quad core Intel Atom processor, 16GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot and Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box. The tablet also comes with front and rear cameras, although the resolution wasn’t specified in the press release.

This seems like a pretty decent deal for a device which is expected to retail for $109.99 in the markets. Toshiba mentions that the tablet will be available starting July via select retailers as well as official Toshiba stores.

The tablet should be available across the globe as well, especially considering the manufacturer’s wide reach as a notebook manufacturer. However, the pricing could be slightly different when the device is sold in international markets.

Source: Business Wire

Via: Android Community

Toshiba launches the Excite 7 tablet for $169.99

Excite 7 Toshiba

Excite 7 ToshibaToshiba, which has been a silent player in the tablet industry, has just announced its own budget tablet called the Excite 7. This 7 inch tablet will go one on one with the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and the 2013 Nexus 7, which are giants in this segment. Priced at $170, Toshiba certainly has the right idea, but the specs sheet isn’t exactly high end.

The tablet comes with a 7 inch 1024×600 resolution display, 8GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot, 1GB of RAM, 3MP camera on the back, a 0.3MP front camera, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, Stereo Speakers, a RockChip RK3188 quad core processor and a battery which last 13 hours with normal usage or 9 hours of continuous video playback.

It’s quite clear that the Excite 7 is not a beast with the hardware, but considering that it’s priced $60 less than the entry level Nexus 7, this might not be a bad bet after all. With the holidays approaching, the Excite 7 could be the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Source: Toshiba

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Toshiba Sneaks Excite Pro and Excite Write Tegra 4 Tablets to BestBuy and Amazon

If you are shopping for an Android tablet from a popular and reputable manufacturer for cheap, you may be interested to know that Toshiba, a long-term computer market leader, has sneaked a range of tablets to the online market stores BestBuy and Amazon and the amazing thing is, they are the first tablets running NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4 chip.

Toshiba Excite

These are the first tablets powered by NVIDIA’s new line of processors to hit the shelves, even ahead of the much touted NVIDIA Shield gaming tablet cum console.  The guys at Toshiba are making the tablets available in the US market quietly and at quite affordable prices actually.  The new Toshiba Excite tablets with Tegra 4 chips include the Excite Pro and Excite Write.

Toshiba Excite Pro

The Toshiba Excite Pro is a 10.1 inch Tegra 4 tablet boasting of a 1.6 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM to complement the raw power the new Tegra 4 chip promises.  The tablet’s screen offers an amazingly crisp display at an amazing 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution, a sizeable bezel and a battery that promises up to 9.5 hours of video playback.  It comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out-of-the-box and a 32 GB onboard memory.

Toshiba Excite Pro

The Toshiba Excite Pro retails for $479.99 at Amazon and Best Buy.


Toshiba Excite Write

From the name, you can probably tell that this tablet is made mainly for document editing and other office-like tasks, but its specifications show that this could as well pass as an entertainment and a gaming device.  The tablet’s build is a lot like the Excite Pro except that it comes with extra stylus support and an active digitizer to support the styli.  These added features are reason the tablet costs an extra 120 bucks.  As a recap, the Excite write is a 10.1 inch tablet with a 2560 x 1600 LCD screen, a quad-core Tegra 41.6 GHz processor, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB onboard memory.  The tablet also comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and the same battery as the Excite Pro.

Toshiba Excite Write

You can get the Toshiba Excite Pro at Best Buy and Amazon for $599 if you need one for school or for the office.


Excite Pure

Besides Excite Pro and Write, Toshiba also quietly released another 10 inch tablet in the same line with a Pure moniker.  The Toshiba Excite Moniker has lesser specs than the Excite Pro and Write but they are still quite impressive.  It is a 10.1 inch tablet with a lesser resolution than its two siblings at 1280 x 800 pixels.  This tablet also comes with an older quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB onboard memory.  The Excite Pure comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and a battery that promises up to 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

Toshiba Excite Pure

The Toshiba pure tablet will be more affordable, retailing at $250 on Amazon but it is also available on Best Buy.

Toshiba has listed the full range of Excite tablets on their retail site.  NVIDIA has confirmed that the Toshiba Excite Pro and Write are the first to come with the Tegra 4 processor but we may have to wait a little longer to determine just how good their new chip is on tablets.

Source: Android Police

Toshiba’s new 7 inch tablet leaked via GFXBench



A new Toshiba tablet known as the AT7-A  thanks to a leak over at GFXBench. This 7 inch tablet has no images, but only benchmark details and some scanty info about the specs. The leak reveals that the tablet packs a 1.6 GHz processor along with a Mali-400 GPU. The 7 inch display on board seems to be of a meager 1024×600 display resolution, so there’s nothing there to write home about. Android 4.2.2 is apparently the default OS here.

The company announced three new tablets in the ‘Excite’ range back last month, and this seems to be a decent addition to the lineup. It’s still early days, so we recommend you to take this new revelation with a pinch of salt, at least until Toshiba makes things official.

Toshiba seems to be quietly enjoying presence in the tablet industry, even though it hasn’t had a lot of success. Such is the mystery of the Android tablet industry where 10 inch tablets have simply not taken off. People are more inclined towards buying a 7 inch budget friendly Android tablet like the Nexus 7 or the Amazon Kindle Fire. But with the introduction of newer and better full sized tablets, the trend might just change.

Source: GFX Bench

Toshiba announces Excite Pro, Excite Write, Excite Pure tablets

The Toshiba Excite Pro, Excite Write, and Excite Pure tablets are new offerings from the Japan-based company, which took the opportunity to unveil them at Computex 2013 in Taiwan.


All three tablets span 10 inches diagonally, and are all based on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. Their similarities, however, end there. These three tablets are aimed at different kinds of consumers: the Excite Pure at budget-conscious buyers who only need modest features; the Excite Pro at those who require premium specifications; and the Excite Write at those who prefer a tablet that can handle note-taking.

The least expensive, therefore, among the tablets is the Excite Pure, which is priced at $299.99. The “Pure” word in its name refers to the basic Android experience that the device offers. In other words, it does not have any Toshiba-branded skin overlaid on the operating system. It runs on an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor under the hood, and packs an IPS display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. It furthermore has 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. There is a single camera onboard, a front-facing 1.2 MP shooter. Among its ports are a microSD card slot for memory expansion, microHDMI, and microUSB.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the high-end Toshiba Excite Pro. This tablet boasts of an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 32 GB of expandable storage capacity, and 2 GB of RAM. Meanwhile, its screen resolution is 2560 x 1600 pixels, protected by Gorilla Glass 2. Harman Kardonstereo speakers promise quality audio. Adding to this list of specifications is an 8 MP rear camera, a1.2 MP front camera, a microSD card slot, microHDMI and microUSB port.

The third tablet is basically the same as the Toshiba Excite Pro, save for the fact that it supports a Wacom digitizer. This feature allows the device to compete against the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. CNet reports that the Wacom digitizer is able to recognize 1,024 degrees of pressure, but unlike the S Pen on the Samsung slate, it does not automatically change the line thickness. To the Wacom digitizer’s credit, however, CNet says that such tool felt more natural to the touch as compared with the light S Pen.

The Toshiba Excite Pure has a price tag of $499.99, while the Excite Pro will sell for $599.99.

The tablets are expected to be available from Toshiba on June 25, and will arrive in other stores come early July.

via cnet, pocketnow

New Toshiba AT10LE-A tablet leaked

toshibaDue to immense competition in the respective industry, companies in the tablet industry have to be extremely secretive at times. They have to make sure that whatever their upcoming product is, its images or features are not leaked out before the launch. Unfortunately, many companies have to face the problem of leakage. Just recently, Toshiba, a major player in this industry had to face such a problem.

Their new upcoming tablet known as the AT10LE-A is highly awaited. Many experts believe that the tablet, running on  the latest OS of Android (Android 4.2.1) will feature some of the most amazing features which are yet to be disclosed. Unfortunately, its images were leaked out just recently.

One of the most amazing features of this tablet would be the keyboard dock. This is good news for those users who like the ‘feel’ of a QWERTY keyboard and would not mind using it with their tablet. This will definitely be of interest to such users.

The dock seems to be standalone and not connected. Although we are not sure of it, but it might actually protect the screen of the tablet when not in use, by having the dock-able keyboard placed on the screen.

The images also gave us some other hints. The sides of the tablet have slots for micro-SD cards, micro-HDMI and micro-USB. We are not sure as to what the internal memory will be, but the option of inserting another micro-SD card indicates that the onboard memory might be a little low.

The most stand-out feature of the tablet is the fact that it will feature NVIDIA’s new Tegra 4 mobile chip. This chip is said to give a speed of about 1.8GHz.

Many people have been avoiding Toshiba’s tablets because there are so many other substitutes available. Therefore, if Toshiba really wants to make a name in the tablet industry, it will have to introduce features that no other tablet has before.


Source: Engadget

Toshiba reveals WT310 business tablet

toshibaTablets have been becoming very popular over the last few years. Many people are now getting rid of the laptops that they own to buy a tablet which not only provides convenience but also improved portability.

Toshiba has been one of the well known companies in the tablet industry and to improve their position further, they are going to launch a new tablet with amazing features.

The WT310 tablet would have a screen size of about 11.6 inches and will feature the Windows 8 Pro(64-bit). Users of windows 8 have already been very impressed with its user friendliness and hence this tablet will be a very popular option amongst such people.

The WT310 is basically meant for business people. Therefore, there are certain key applications preinstalled for users. These include the Trusted Platform Module and the Anti-theft software making sure that people don’t lose out on their important data.

Another good thing about the tablet is that it has a digitizer pen included in the box so that customers can jot down the most important points on their tablet in the least time possible.

The tablet will have a 1080p screen resolution making the picture quality even better. It has an Intel Core processor about which further details are not known and has an SD Card slot for enhanced storage.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, the tablet has a usual HDMI port, LTE Support, Bluetooth and a dock which might have other connectivity options aswell.

The size and weight of the tablet are pretty reasonable as well. The size is about 9 x 7.5 x 0.5 and it weighs around 29 ounces. Currently, the only color available is the steel grey metallic.

The look of the tablet is very stylish and users would probably not want to place a protective case on the tablet so that they can show off the wonderful design.


Source: Engadget

Toshiba offers 4.7-mm thin 13-megapixel camera module

Toshiba has a new ultra-thin camera module that is dubbed as the thinnest camera module yet. The camera module, which is also known as the TCM9930MD, measures only 4.7 millimeters thin and comes with a 1/3.07-inch 13-megapixel CMOS image sensor, as well as a 1.12μm pixel size.


The Toshiba camera module is equipped with four lenses which are made of plastic, reveals the Japan-based Tech On website. It likewise has a dedicated signal processing circuit to optimize its performance. Said circuit also ensures that the camera, despite its small size, functions properly and delivers images that are not distorted despite the fact that the lenses are.  The camera module also features a flip chip structure instead of a wire bonded structure to maintain its thinness.

The thinness of the camera module may allow future smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to maintain a very slim profile, possibly measuring less than 5 millimeters in thickness.

Unwired View cautions, however, that while the device’s thinness will be useful for thin devices, its picture quality may not necessarily be the best. To illustrate, the blog cites the 12-megapixel image sensor of the Nokia N8 which it expects to capture better images .

Still, the new Toshiba camera module may be considered a selling point because of its novelty in the market. It may even be featured on one or several flagship devices which may underscore the camera’s measurements.

On a more general sense, the Toshiba camera module may be a sign that consumers prefer thin devices. This is also evidenced by the release of devices claiming to be the thinnest in their category, only to be replaced by another in a very short span of time.

Toshiba is expected to start producing the camera module starting December this year. It is estimated that a million units of the camera module will be produced monthly.

As early as May, however, Toshiba will be sending out samples of the device. These samples will be sold for the price of ¥7,000 or around US$74.30.

via androidauthority, unwiredview

Toshiba reveals 13MP CMOS camera sensor, low-light shooting, reduced noise may come natural with it

Japanese multinational electronics company, Toshiba, announced Thursday the existence of its new 13-megapixel CMOS (complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) camera sensor that promises to bring better low-light shooting minus the noise. Toshiba expects this 1.12 micrometer sensor to become a hit especially for smartphone and mobile device manufacturers. Only a few of the devices nowadays sport considerably high megapixel sensors due to lack of innovation in this field.

Of all handsets released this year, only Nokia 808 PureView features 41MP snapper and majority come with below 15MP sensors even high-end devices. Toshiba’s innovation may not be put to waste and while it could be the first to use the CMOS for its own devices, its per-unit price may not hurt OEMs if they, too, will package it with their devices.

The “new CMOS image sensor created with on-circuit color noise reduction lowers pixel noise and improves image quality on smartphones, mobile devices,” according to Toshiba. Revealing the technology it used to produce the sensor, it reportedly “implemented back side illumination (BSI) technology and integrated color noise reduction (CNR) to develop its newest CMOS image sensor that fits into an 8.5mm x 8.5mm size camera module and enables high-quality pictures even in low-light conditions.”

The company took into consideration that manufacturers are trying to produce smaller and thinner devices, so it also reduced the pixel size of image sensors. Having done so, the company knew image qualities would be greatly impacted, so it developed a CMOS camera sensor to address such issue. To package it all, Toshiba offers a 13-megapixel camera sensor that brings along smaller pixels than any typical sensors available in the market today.

“The miniaturization of pixel size reduces the amount of light entering into the pixel which impacts image quality. Toshiba addresses the challenge of pixel miniaturization with its newest CMOS image sensor,” said Andrew Burt, vice president of the Analog and Imaging Business Unit, System LSI Group at TAEC.

Toshiba 13MP camera sensor samples will be made available in December. It will be marketed at a price of $20 per unit. Toshiba is trying to acquire a bigger piece of the pie in the mobile market. It’s just a matter of time before we can see new Toshiba devices sporting the new sensor.

Toshiba AT300SE 10.1-inch Jelly Bean tablet unveiled in the UK

Japanese multinational electronics company, Toshiba, announced its newest foray into the tablet market in the United Kingdom and the rest Europe. Toshiba AT300SE, a 10.1-inch tablet, would soon be released showcasing the latest version of Android, version 4.1 also known as Jelly Bean. While the official unveiling didn’t leave an impression that the device would be offered in the US, it is most likely that it will be marketed to outside the UK market, albeit with different model number or name.

The Toshiba AT300SE comes packed with impressive hardware specs not to mention the features Jelly Bean offers. The company made sure this new tablet will never fall short in performance considering other key industry players have already gained momentum in the market. Toshiba is trying to attract tech enthusiasts who are not into iOS or Samsung devices.

The quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor that this tablet features is one of the things that could attract specs-conscious people. AT300SE is actually the second tablet from Toshiba that uses its AT300 architecture, thus, there are only a few difference between this and the previous model. Most likely, the processor is clocked at 1.3GHz or 1.5 at the most. There must also be a 2-core Nvidia graphics processor inside the device making its display better than other tablets in its category.

Other manufacturers would give their new device 2GB of RAM, Toshiba did not jump into the same bandwagon. Instead, it has given AT300SE 1GB RAM, which more than enough to cater all the needs of the OS and every app. It has recently been revealed that Jelly Bean actually needs 512MB of RAM to run without fuzz, so there’s no point in giving a device memory more than what is needed. It comes with 16GB internal memory but a microSD slot is present to support up to 64GB external storage.

Despite the fact that Toshiba AT300SE has a dual-core GPU, the manufacturer didn’t give it an impressive display. This tablet uses IPS technology with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution stretched on a 10.1-inch panel giving around 149ppi density. Toshiba, however, boasts of the battery life of this device that reaches up to 10 hours of straight usage before it requires a recharge. Had the company used AMOLED display, 10 hours might be reduced to 6.5 hours. So, whatever this tablet lacks in its display, it compensates in its battery life.

Toshiba AT300SE will be marketed in the UK for £299.99. It will be made available either later this month or before the holidays. Apparently, the company does not want to go after multimedia features but it’s willing to compete with other manufacturers in terms of specs. This Jelly Bean tablet is expected to deliver the performance everyone is expecting from any quad-core device. But let’s see how it stands against iPad and Galaxy Note 10.1.

[source: The Verge]


Toshiba 500GB Canvio Slim Portable External Hard Drive now available for $114.99

Toshiba 500GB Canvio Slim Portable External Hard Drive has been released today to cater the needs of the people looking for storage devices as small and as thin as smartphones. Japanese manufacturer, Toshiba, has always been ahead in the market as far as computer peripherals are concerned and the newly released external hard drive might be the first to offer extraordinary portability.

Priced at $114.99, technology analysts say it is a fair price for a storage device that offers 500GB of storage space, well-engineered sleek design and portability of a mobile phone. It measures 9-mm thick and 150 grams in weight. Having a USB 3.0 interface mean any user could transfer files as fast as 5 Gb per second but Toshiba said it is backward compatible with USB 2.0. Needless to say, it is among the best option available in the market today.

“Toshiba Canvio Slim Portable External Hard Drive is ideal for taking your storage on the go,” the company states. “This drive offers high capacity storage in a slim and sleek brushed aluminum design that is a perfect companion for your Ultrabook.”

Unlike typical external hard drives that offer nothing more than just copying of files from the system, Toshiba Canvio Slim scans the system and make recommendations about the best coverage, which is made possible by NTI Backup Now EZ software. Users will be asked whether they want to backup their files and folders to the cloud, make a copy of them into the Canvio Slim, or backup everything inside user’s system. They can also choose all of these for more comprehensive backup coverage.

“Click the restore button and you can recover a file or folder,” Toshiba reports. “Boot to your Canvio Slim Portable Hard Drive and it will restore all the files saved on your computer. We’ve even included a utility to burn a boot CD/DVD to make the process even simpler.”

Toshiba 500GB Canvio Slim Portable Specs 

  • Capacity: 500GB1
  • Interfaces: USB 3.0 (backwards compatible with USB 2.0)
  • Interface Transfer Rate4: Up to 5 Gb/s (USB 3.0)5, Up to 480 Mb/s (USB 2.0)
  • Speed: 5400 RPM
  • Average Seek Time: 12ms
  • Cache Buffer: 8MB
  • Size (mm): 107(L) X 75(W) X 9(H)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 150g Max

Source: Toshiba

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Fujitsu To Bare Regza T-02D in Japan

Fujitsu has declared that starting July 26th, their new Toshiba Regza T-02D phone will be available from NTT DOCOMO, Inc. in Japan.

The brand names might cause confusion, but this is only because Fujitsu recently bought Toshiba’s stakes in Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications, enabling Fujitsu to own the entire Fujitsu Group subsidiary.

Going back to the device, the Regza T-02D has the New AMOLED Plus qHD capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 540 × 960 pixels and a measurement of 4.3 inches. This display is powered by the Mobile REGZA Engine 6.0, a Toshiba innovation that enhances the appearance of videos and photos onscreen. Among the features of the Mobile REGZA Engine 6.0 are a Sharpness Equalizer and Active Noise Reduction.

The device likewise has the REGZA Link Share feature which allows it to get connected with other devices that carry the same REGZA brand, such as REGZA Blu-Ray players, for instance.

Under the hood, this device sports a dual-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz. The processor’s brand is unspecified in the press release, but it is speculated to be a Qualcomm chipset that will work well with the Xi connectivity that the device also offers. Xi is NTT DOCOMO’s name for their LTE service.

Another feature is the Human Centric Engine, which detects whether the device is being held by a human or not. If it is, the device turns on. It furthermore senses the kind of lighting available and makes the necessary adjustments accordingly on the screen’s color balance settings. The feature also lets users change the screen orientation by shaking the device at least twice.

Its camera has a 13-megapixel sensor that comes with a super nighttime mode. This shooting mode is capable of cranking up the ISO level and reducing shakes and noise. A secondary camera has a 1.3-megapixel sensor.

Lastly, the device is equipped with a fingerprint sensor that may unlock the device instead of a password.

The Regza T-02D comes in pink, blue, and black. Its price is still unavailable at present.

Via engadget

The Best 3 10.1” Quad-Core Tegra 3 Tablets

The NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processors are the first super processors to present unprecedented performance on various mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.  Some of the key features of these powerful chips are extreme multitasking capabilities, console quality gaming capability with ultra-low power GPU, 5th battery saver core, DirectTouch architecture, 3D stereo capability and PRISM Display Technology for better display.  If you want a high performance 10.1” tablet running on the Tegra 3 processor, here are the top 3 you should consider.

[easyazon-link asin=”B007E8TWPU” locale=”us”]Acer Iconia Tab A510[/easyazon-link]

Acer is a household name when it comes to electronics, particularly computers.  Its entry into the tablet market was much anticipated and surer enough it has not disappointed its fans.  The Acer Iconia Tab A510 tablet is strikingly similar in design to its predecessor, the Iconia Tab A500 – the similarities extending to the 10.1 1280 x 800 pixel resolution Inch screen and dual cameras.  The advancements in this tablet though is in the 1.3GHz Tegra 3 processor, 32GB internal storage and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS.  Other notable features include 98mAh battery, 1GB RAM and weighs 1.5 lbs.

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[easyazon-link asin=”B004U78J1G” locale=”us”]ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime[/easyazon-link]

Every now and then, a company introduces a product that raises the bar for products in that segment.  One of these products is the Asus Eee Transformer Prime, a 10.1 Inch tablet that completely changed the way people view tablets – as high performance gadgets that are almost as powerful as modern laptops.  With a 1280 x 800 Super IPS+ LCD touch screen, 64 GB internal memory, 1 GB RAM and a Quad-core Tegra 3 processor, this is a tablet to admire.  It may be a little heavier than other tablets in its category, weighing 1.29 lbs but for someone who thirsts for performance, this is not an issue.  Other specs of this tablet include Android 3.0 Honey Comb OS and 8 MP rear and 1.2 MP front facing cameras.

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[easyazon-link asin=”B007OWZRC8″ locale=”us”]Toshiba Excite 10 Tablet[/easyazon-link]

Toshiba has not performed so well in the mobile technology field in the past, but the company has made its mark already in the tablet arena.  The Excite is one of the most preferred tablets on the market today, thanks to its power and dazzling design and features.  The tablet features a Quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB inbuilt memory, a front 2.0 MP and a rear 5.0 MP cameras and Android 4.0 ICS OS.  It weighs 1.2 lbs am dos only 0.35 inches thick.

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