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New Sony Ericcson Android Device Shows up in Picassa

Pocketnow has found a new Sony Ericcson Android device dubbed “Hallon” in a Picasa photo album filled to the brim with over 100 test shots, presumed to be from the phone pictured here. The model number for this phone is said to either be MT15i or LT15i This is not the new PlayStation phone. This

Sony Playstation Phone To Street in April?

Pocketlint is reporting today that the Playstation phone will not be at CES, will be launched at MWC and then hit retail, at least in the UK, in April. has a source very close to the Playstation phone. Their source is telling them that the Playstation phone will be announced the Sunday evening of

Sony Announces Playstation App for Android And IOS

Sony announced today that they are releasing an app for both Android and IOS devices The idea that they would be virtualizing their catalog and releasing new titles puts an interesting spin on things.  Just a little over a month ago Sony Erricson said they were preparing for a big announcement at MWC in February. 

Opinion- The real reason for fragmentation in Android

Yes once again the F-word none of us like to hear… Fragmentation in Android… Is it true… yes… we still have devices on 1.6 that are almost a year old… 2.2 is already widely out there and 2.3 SDK is now out, so why are phones coming out with 2.1 still? Why is there so

Android Dev’s Ericcson is Giving Away $20,000 Dollars!

Ericcson, half of Sony Ericcson has announced that they are holding the Ericcson’s Application Awards, Code for Cash 2011 development contest. The contest, which has a pot of $15,00 euro or around $20,000 American dollars, is open to any team of two or more developers anywhere in the world.  The developers must use at least

Playstation Android Phone Makes Clear Appearance In Video has posted video of the upcoming Playstation Android device being dubbed the “Zeus Z1”. There has been wide spread speculation as to when we will actually see this device launch however it’s been speculated that it could be as early as an event in France next week or as late as the Mobile World