PS4 Controller Flashing White

How To Fix The PS4 Controller Flashing White Issue

The PS4 controller is usually bundled with the PS4 gaming console when you buy it. You will get the DualShock 4 wireless controller which does not need any wires to connect to the gaming console. Although this is a solid performing controller there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing

5 Best Soundbars with Subwoofers in 2020

Want to hook yourself up with a sweet sound system for your home theater, but don’t want to break the bank? Soundbar-subwoofer combos are a great way to do this at an affordable price, all while bringing you high quality sound to your home theater. Soundbars can be very expensive. Still, there’s not a huge

How to screenshot on Sony Xperia XZ2

There are two easy ways to capture a screenshot on Sony Xperia XZ2. Learn how to do them below. Method 1: How to screenshot on Sony Xperia XZ2 using hardware buttons Prepare the screen or app that you want to capture. When ready, press and hold (at the same time) the Power and Volume down

How to hard reset on Sony Xperia XZ2

There are two ways to hard reset a Sony Xperia XZ2. Unlike most Android devices, you won’t be able to hard reset using hardware buttons. Instead, you have to use a special software called Xperia Companion in place of the traditional factory reset using buttons. Before we proceed, be reminded that we provide answers to

How to fix a Sony Xperia XZ Premium smartphone that keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi network [Troubleshooting Guide]

A problem on random Wi-Fi disconnects is one of the widespread issues encountered by smartphone owners regardless of the device and platform. This is because network problems are inevitable. In most cases though, the transpiring symptoms are attributed to minor software errors and therefore rectifiable. Highlighted below are potential solutions to minor Wi-Fi connectivity issues

How to fix your Sony Xperia XZ Premium smartphone that is running very slow, slow performance issue [Troubleshooting Guide]

Mid-range and high-tiered smartphones would eventually slowdown from wear-and-tear. Even the ones that packed a bulky storage can succumb into performance degradation from constant usage. And this is when performance issues start to surface. Among the first common symptoms to emerge include but not limited to sluggish or slow performance, random app crashes, frozen display,

How to fix a Sony Xperia XZ Premium smartphone that suddenly keeps rebooting by itself, random reboots [Troubleshooting Guide]

A smartphone that keeps on rebooting unexpectedly may be experiencing fatal system errors or major data corruption. The same symptom also occurs when a smartphone is running low on internal memory. Hardware-related issues like damaged RAM, processor, or other tangible components are likewise considered among the underlying causes. In most cases though, random reboots in