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Are Samsung & AT&T Cooking Up Another Unfriendly Kies Froyo Update?

Pocketnow reported earlier today that there was a post on the official Samsung support forum outlining how to upgrade an AT&T Samsung Captivate, a Galaxy S phone, to Android 2.2 “Froyo” (I almost said latest version oops). While all the buzz that thedroidguy is seeing at MWC is about Gingerbread, Honeycomb and this mysterious version

T-Mobile Adds A Splash Page For The Samsung Powered Sidekick 4G

Nothing says a phone is coming more than a teaser page on the companies website and today T-Mobile did just that with the highly anticipated Samsung powered T-Mobile Sidekick 4G.  You may remember the original Sidekick or hiptop by Danger. Danger being the brain child of one Andy Rubin who happens to head up Android

Samsung #1 In Customer Loyalty For The 10th Year Running

Brand Keys, a global leader in brand equity, loyalty and engagement research has released their 2011 Customer Loyalty Index and Samsung was ranked number one in cell phone customer loyalty for the tenth year in a row. Out of Brand Keys total Customer Loyalty Index Samsung is one of only 8 brands in all categories

Samsung Galaxy 4G On T-Mobile February 23rd

T-Mobile has notified their followers and friends on their facebook page that the Samsung Galaxy S 4G will arrive in T-Mobile retail locations on February 23 for $150 after rebate and on a new 2 year contract. The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is the first 4G phone on T-Mobile to maximize their 21mbps theoretic download

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Not Samsung Galaxy 2 Released

It felt like we were watching videos of neat, cute and quirky ways to use the Samsung Galaxy S2. I kept looking at the time on my phone thinking man if we’re going to get to that tab than they need to hurry. Finally in the last 15 minutes of Samsung’s Unpacked Event Kim Titus

TDG Live From The Samsung Unpacked Event #mwc11

8:02PM Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 announced 8:01PM Kim Titus faked technical difficulties 8:00PM Kim Titus back onstage 7:57pm: Sybase guy onstage 7:52PM: Cisco is announcing the next generation hotspot solution tomorrow at MWC 7:49PM Ray Smets announced the official launch of the Cisco Webex and Cisco Mobile apps optimized for Samsung Galaxy S2 7:49PM: Ray

TDG Live: Samsung Unpacked Event

6:45PM Getting ready to start 6:48PM Don’t tell anyone we’re using AT&T International on an inspire 4G 6:58pm Samsung going all out with their soldiers now an orchestra 6:59PM wifi is almost nonexistent going back to Vodafone thanks Ricky 7:01PM Orchestra on stage video playing everyone welcomed 7:02PM: Kim Titus on stage looking epic as

Nexus S Goes Worldwide Via Vodafone In 2 Flavors

Vodafone has announced that they will carry the Nexus S in 24 countries across the world on contract. Currently, you can only purchase the Nexus S in Best Buy stores and Car Phone Warehouse in the UK unlocked. Vodafone was a partner with the worldwide release of the Nexus One and we were expecting them

What If We Yelled Froyo In A Crowded Movie Theater?

According to from very reliable Samsung sources the people at Samsung are sporting the official EA-17 buld of Froyo for the Samsung Epic 4G and it’s ready to go.  If all goes according to plan, which to date it hasn’t, than Sprint Samsung Epic 4G’s will see an over the air Froyo update on

Samsung Gem Also Headed To Alltel

Do you remember that mystery Samsung Gem that mistakenly appeared in a Best Buy Mobile magazine a couple of months ago? Well on January 21st we reported that it was headed to Cellular South sometime soon. We still believe this to be true as Cellular South had a place holder on it’s website for it. 

Samsung Bringing Back Black Jack With Android?

Pocketnow ran a story last week showing what appears to be a new Android device and form factor for Sprint with Android.  This new phone highly resembles the Motorola Droid Pro on Verizon Wireless and the Samsung device “The Blackjack”.  It’s a candy bar style phone with a vertical qwerty keyboard. There is no other