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How to fix Google Play Store error 110 on Samsung Galaxy S10

Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 have been complaining about the Google Play Store error 110. It occurs when the user is downloading or installing an app from the Play Store. While we have received complaints from Galaxy users, this problem isn’t device-specific. So, regardless of the smartphone you’re using as long as it

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has no sound [troubleshooting guide]

Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus reported that their device has no sound. This problem happens from time to time but it’s not necessarily a serious problem. All you need to do is perform some basic troubleshooting procedure to regain audio in your device. In this post, I will walk you through in

How to fix Google Play Store error 18 on Samsung Galaxy S10

One of the common problems that Samsung Galaxy S10 users were complaining about is the Play Store error 18. Usually, this Play Store issue occurs during the downloading and updating of an app. It could be just an issue with the app or caused by a firmware problem. You won’t know for sure what the

How to fix a slow Huawei P30 | slow performance

From time to time, even expensive flagship phones may slow down. There’s no perfect phone at this time so any device can still potentially suffer from the same factors that cause slow performance issues on computer devices. In this short guide, we’ll show you what to do if you think that your Huawei P30 may

How to fix Galaxy M40 MMS won’t send | MMS not working

Are you having trouble with MMS? In this post, we’ll show you what you can do if Galaxy M40 MMS won’t send. Before we proceed, we want to remind you that if you are looking for solutions to your own #Android issue, you can contact us by using the link provided at the bottom of

How to fix Galaxy M40 No Power issue | won’t turn on

No Power issue is one of the most common problems in many smartphones today. In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll show you the solutions that you can do when facing Galaxy M40 No Power issue. If your M40 won’t turn on, this post should help. Before we proceed, we want to remind you that if you