[Deal] Unlocked 64GB OnePlus 2 for $239.99

An eBay retailer is now offering the unlocked model of the OnePlus 2 for just $239.99 on eBay. The smartphone comes with a fairly attractive hardware specs sheet under the hood, which makes for a very exciting combination, especially given the price. The device was also featured on the deals page last week, which suggests

OnePlus 3 - Headphone Jack

OnePlus joins the party by mocking the Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Over the coming days, we can expect to see a myriad of companies poking fun at #Apple for the lack of a few key features, which are otherwise quite common on existing flagship devices. One such exclusion made by Apple is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. While Apple perhaps has its own reasoning

Amazon Fire HD 8

The new Amazon Fire HD 8 comes with Alexa on board

Amazon has just taken the wraps off its new Fire HD 8 tablet, which comes with Alexa on board. In addition to this attractive voice assistant service, the tablet also comes with a handy specs sheet underneath. However, this won’t contend with the high-end tablets that are available out there. This is evident by the starting

OnePlus 2 Official

[Deal] Unlocked 64GB OnePlus 2 for $239.99

One of the most attractive flagships of 2015, the #OnePlus2 is now available on eBay for just $239.99. The smartphone comes with a high-end hardware underneath, even though it is over a year old in the mobile industry. This is thanks to the octa-core Snapdragon 810 chipset used by the manufacturer, which was quite controversial

OnePlus 2 Official

[Deal] 64GB OnePlus 2 for $239.99

Remember the OnePlus 2? Well, we remember it one of the most ambitious phones from last year which didn’t manage to hit the right spot thanks to the infamous invite-only purchase system. If you missed out on getting the phone back then, a new deal is offering the 64GB model of the OnePlus flagship for

OnePlus Bullets V2

OnePlus announces Bullets V2 earbuds

After teasing its arrival for a few days, #OnePlus has taken the wraps off its new accessory – the Bullets V2 earbuds. Seems like this is an upgraded version of the original Bullets earbuds that was released last year, and as such, there are some upgrades expected to be on board. It follows the same

Fire week: OnePlus One reportedly sets itself ablaze while charging

It seems like exploding phones are becoming an everyday thing now. After seeing pictures of the burnt up Galaxy Note 7, we’re now encountering a similar case pertaining to the OnePlus One. The issue originates from Chandigarh, India, where the user has posted a video on Twitter displaying the aftermath. Unfortunately, we don’t know the cause yet,

[Deal] OnePlus 2 for just $239.99

Remember the #OnePlus2? Yes, the same device that was only available through invites for a large duration of 2015. Well, it seems like the demand for the device is dipping down a touch. This was always on the cards as there’s a newer variant available in the (online) shelves. But if you’re bargain hunting for a

Nextbit Robin

[Deal] Nextbit Robin for $199 today

We don’t hear much about the #NextbitRobin these days. Partly because the buzz has died down since the release of the handset. Well, if you needed a reminder of its potential, a new deal on Amazon is doing just that. Valid only today, the Nextbit Robin can be bought for just $199 from the online

Alcatel Tru

MetroPCS unveils Alcatel Tru for just $29.99

MetroPCS has just taken the wraps off the Alcatel Tru for just $29.99, making it the cheapest newly launched smartphone in recent memory. The handset comes with a budget ranged hardware, of course, so don’t expect any flattering items on the specs sheet. The device comes with a 5-inch 480 x 854 display, a quad-core

OnePlus 3 Gold

OnePlus co-founder shoots down OnePlus 3 mini rumor

A rumor from yesterday suggested that #OnePlus was probably working on a mini version of the #OnePlus3. But as soon as this particular rumor surfaced, the co-founder of OnePlus was quick to dismiss it. He also made sure to use the hashtag #rumorshutdown, to make it clear that this was just a rumor. It’s good

T-Mobile One Touch Fierce

[Deal] T-Mobile Alcatel One Touch Fierce for $49.99

The T-Mobile branded Alcatel One Touch Fierce was originally launched back in 2013. The smartphone is now available on eBay for just $49.99. The handset comes off contract, but is only compatible with T-Mobile’s networks. The device is refurbished. You’re not getting much in terms of hardware, which is to be expected since this is

[Deal] Brand new OnePlus 2 for $269.99

You can now grab the #OnePlus2 for an attractive price of $269.99. The handset is usually priced at $299.99, so this is a pretty decent discount in my book. Given that the OnePlus 3 is the flagship of choice now, understandably, the OnePlus 2 has taken a backseat on our minds. However, that doesn’t change the