HTC Planned Leaks Result in 10 Pictures of Nothing

Some of the major websites in our industry received some non-blurry-cam pictures late Tuesday from an unofficial, or maybe it was an official, HTC leaker.  Tech Crunch did a great job of editorializing this whole escapade, but if you don’t read Techcrunch here’s the lowdown. Taylor Wimberly over at is always talking about “planned

HTC Targeting US With Their First 4G LTE Offerings

HTC CEO Peter Chou has confirmed to Mobile World Live that their 4G LTE smartphone offerings will be targeted to the United States. Chou told Mobile World Live “We think that the US mobile operators will be taking the lead and pushing 4G LTE in the US market… We are working on LTE devices for

HTC Scorpion Shows Up on Gameloft’s Website

The rumors have died down about the upcoming HTC Scorpion.  The Scorpion is supposed to feature a 1.5ghz processor and Android 2.2 froyo out of the box. No one is really sure what will become of the HTC Scorpion. Originally it was said to have a wimax radio for 4G which would mean it was

Opinion- The real reason for fragmentation in Android

Yes once again the F-word none of us like to hear… Fragmentation in Android… Is it true… yes… we still have devices on 1.6 that are almost a year old… 2.2 is already widely out there and 2.3 SDK is now out, so why are phones coming out with 2.1 still? Why is there so

Sprint HTC Shift EVO 4G Comes Out of Hiding

Android Central got the scoop on this from Sprint User Group’s r0fl. The next big Android device to hit Sprint is supposed to be the HTC Shift Evo 4G. This device will be the follow up to the Sprint flagship HTC Evo device which came out late last spring.  It’s also said to be a

HTC Experiencing Evo Like Shortages in The UK

The HTC Desire HD is the must have HTC Android device across the pond. The Desire HD was recently released across three carriers in the UK, Orange, Tmobile and Vodaphone and all seem to be showing a shortage of supply.  The graphic above, courtesy of Eurodroid, shows that on all 3 carrier websites shows either

HTC Merge Not Verizon’s First LTE Phone As Previously Reported

Verizon Wireless held their press conference call on Tuesday December 1, 2010 and revealed that their 4G LTE rollout starts this Sunday.  We’ve covered all that ground in this post here. One thing that we didn’t immediately take into consideration was the forthcoming HTC Merge.  Last week a Body Glove case for the HTC Merge

Wil Wheaton Uses Unrevoked to Root his HTC Incredible

Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and Comicon Android loving junkees please stand up, your fearless leader has rooted his HTC Droid Incredible with a little help from unrevoked. Earlier today Wil Tweeted: About to root my HTC Incredible, using Anything I should know before I do from experienced rooters? And a bit later he