How to capture screenshots on HTC U12+

Unlike traditionally designed smartphones, the HTC U12+ lack Power and Volume buttons to facilitate capturing of screenshots using hardware buttons. HTC has to come up with creative ways to allow a user to make screenshots. While a bit non-conventional, capturing screenshots on an HTC U12+ is pretty easy. Learn how to use the four ways

How to Screenshot on HTC U12 Plus (HTC U12+)

Learning how to capture screenshots on HTC U12+ can come handy for you in some situations. Know the two methods on how to do it below. How to screenshot on HTC U12 Plus (HTC U12+) using the hardware buttons:  Open the application/screen which you want to take a screenshot of. Now press and hold the

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Google Pixel phones to get double tap to wake feature soon

#Google will apparently roll out the ability to wake up your #Pixel phones using a double tap gesture on the screen, something that most modern day smartphones can already do. This might seem like a long overdue feature, but we feel it’s better late than never. The Pixel and the Pixel XL are yet to

How to hard reset on HTC U12 Plus (HTC U12+)

Learning how to hard reset or factory reset your HTC U12 Plus is important if you are troubleshooting, or if you want to sell or give away your device. In this short tutorial, know the exact steps on how to wipe your HTC U12 Plus and return all its software to defaults. Before we proceed,