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How to fix Messenger that keeps crashing on Google Pixel 2 (easy steps)

Facebook Messenger is a third-party app and when encounter a problem with it, it’s more likely just an application-related problem. We have readers that own Google Pixel 2 units who reported having encountered problems while using Messenger. Some said they get the error message “Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped,” while others reported the app closes on

How to fix Google Pixel 3 XL touchscreen not responding issue

Some Google Pixel 3 XL users are asking us for guidance on what to do with the unresponsive touchscreen on their phone. This post is the answer to that. We include one particular case that best describe the common situation of this particular issue. Before we proceed, we want to remind you that if you

How to fix a Google Pixel 3 XL that won’t turn on (No Power)

One of the most common problems many Android users encounter is No Power issue. In this troubleshooting article, we provide the steps on how to fix your Google Pixel 3 XL that won’t turn on. Before we proceed, be reminded that we provide answers to Android problems. If you are looking for solutions to your