BLU Studio Touch 4G LTE Dual Sim Smartphone Review

The BLU Studio Touch 4G, officially released today, is the latest unlocked affordable smartphone from one of the world’s fastest growing mobile phone manufacturers, BLU Products. The company was founded in 2009, and they have since then sold more than 35 million devices in over 40 countries – all from their headquarters in Miami. Enter

BLU Life One XL

[Deal] BLU Life One XL for $89.95

The #BLU #LifeOneXL is now selling on eBay for just $89.95. The smartphone is a budget offering as you probably guessed looking at the price tag, but it’s well worth a look with the kind of hardware it’s packing. The seller is offering a brand new and unlocked version of the handset, so you can

BLU Studio One Plus

[Deal] Unlocked BLU Studio One Plus for $139.99

The BLU Studio One Plus is now available on eBay for just $139.99. This is a pretty attractive price for a device that originally broke cover back in February with what is considered to be a pretty decent hardware underneath. The deal comes from Best Buy’s dedicated eBay page, so we don’t need to convince

BLU Studio Touch

BLU launches Studio Touch with a metal body and a price tag of $99

#BLU has just announced the official availability of the Studio Touch, which was announced last month. As expected, the handset won’t go heavy on your wallets, making this a pretty nifty offering in the budget smartphone space. The hardware coupled with the premium looking design should make for a truly pleasurable experience for the customers.

BLU Energy XL now official with a 6-inch display for $299.99

#BLU has just taken the wraps off the #EnergyXL, featuring a mammoth 6-inch display and a 5,000 mAh battery under the hood. The handset is priced at just $299.99, which is pretty attractive for the kind of hardware it’s packing. The device is only available from Amazon and might remain that way for the foreseeable

BLU Studio X Plus

[Deal] BLU Studio X Plus for $49.95

The #BLU #StudioXPlus smartphone has just been listed on eBay for just $49.95, which is a pretty exciting deal considering what it brings to the table. This budget offering only supports 3G, but you can’t ask for more from a device that you’re getting for under $50. The handset sports a large 5.5-inch 720p display,

BLU Studio 7.0 LTE

[Deal] BLU Studio 7.0 LTE for $99.99

The #BLU #Studio7.0LTE is now available for just $99.99 from eBay. If you recall, BLU smartphones were traditionally available only from Amazon, but it seems like the exclusivity deal has ended, which can only mean good news for the customers. Well, this device is suitable for your tablet needs, but given that it can also make phone

[Deal] BLU Advance 4.0 for $49.99

You can now get BLU’s Advance 4.0 for just $49.99 via Amazon, thanks to a new sale run by the retailer. The smartphone is one of the most recognizable budget offerings going around, so the deal is not necessarily a surprise. In fact, Amazon has had the discount on the product for quite some time

BLU Studio 7.0 LTE

[Deal] BLU Studio 7.0 LTE for $99.99

BLU’s Studio 7.0 LTE is an excellent budget tablet, that’s also capable of making phone calls, assuming you have a Bluetooth or wired headset along with you. This is also an LTE offering as the name suggests, so you’re getting full value for your money here. An eBay seller is now offering this tablet/smartphone for

BLU Advance 5.0

[Deal] BLU Advance 5.0 for just $48

The #BLU #Advance5.0 is now available for a very attractive $47.99 via online retailer Amazon. The smartphone can be your backup device and is an excellent proposition for this price of $48. This appears to be a limited period deal though, so we urge you to proceed with haste if you’re interested in gobbling up

[Deal] BLU Advance 4.0 for just $49.99

The BLU Advance 4.0 handset is now available for a miserly $49.99 through Amazon. The handset comes with a budget ranged hardware, but is still a very good deal at this particular price point. You can get a 32GB microSD card along with the smartphone for an additional $11, which makes sense given that the

BLU Studio 7.0 LTE

[Deal] BLU Studio 7.0 LTE for $109.95

BLU’s Studio 7.0 LTE is a solid device with an impressive hardware specs sheet underneath. The tablet can now be yours for a miserly $109.95 through eBay. The retailer is offering the tablet in White, Gray, Gold and Blue color variants, so the choices are plenty. BLU is known in the American mobile industry as

BLU Studio 7.0 LTE

[Deal] BLU Studio 7.0 LTE for $99.99

BLU’s #Studio7.0LTE is now available for just $99.99 from a rather surprising source – eBay. As you know, BLU smartphones are usually limited to Amazon, but it seems like other retailers are getting in on the action as well. Interestingly, this tablet/smartphone hybrid is priced at about $149 on Amazon, making this a very attractive deal.