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[Deal] AT&T unlocked BlackBerry Priv for $299.99

Interested in getting BlackBerry’s attractive Android slider? Well, the #Priv can now be yours for just $299.99 thanks to a deal over at eBay. The handset has been consistently selling at this price for about three weeks now, so this could well be the permanent pricing of the handset until BlackBerry decides to halt production.

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New leak reveals likely BlackBerry Android handset

A new leak has revealed what looks like an upcoming #BlackBerry #Android handset. The leak doesn’t offer us a glimpse of the front portion and our visibility is limited to the rear panel, which reveals a metal frame, suggesting strongly that this would be a mid-range offering. BlackBerry CEO John Chen has made it clear that the

[Deal] Unlocked BlackBerry Priv for $299.99

#BlackBerryPriv is one of the popular devices of late 2015, although this didn’t necessary translate into success for the company. The handset’s downfall was caused by the exorbitant pricing, which meant that customers had to shell out north of $650 to get it during its early days. But the company has seemingly learned the lesson and

BlackBerry Priv

[Deal] BlackBerry Priv for $299.99

The BlackBerry Priv was subject to a lot of speculation late last year when it was launched. However, the smartphone failed to meet the company’s expectations, thanks to the exorbitant pricing. But it seems like BlackBerry has learned its lesson, with third party retailers offering several discounts on this handset. The latest discount on eBay

BlackBerry Priv

T-Mobile stops selling the BlackBerry Priv

Earlier this week, an AT&T official mentioned that the sales of the #BlackBerryPriv were quite disappointing. Hot on the heels of that report, T-Mobile has now stopped selling the device altogether. It would be a big leap to assume that this had anything to do with AT&T’s revelation, so it’s likely that T-Mobile simply ran out

[Deal] Blackberry Priv for $359.99

We recently stumbled across a deal on the #BlackBerryPriv, which was selling for $399.99. Today, we’re coming across a revised deal, which cuts down an additional $40 on the asking price, bringing the cost down to just $359.99. This is an incredible price on an offering such as this one and could be a hot

AT&T admits the BlackBerry Priv sales are not flattering

It’s no secret any longer that the #BlackBerryPriv wasn’t exactly a breakaway success for AT&T or #BlackBerry. As the exclusive provider of the smartphone in the U.S., the carrier has now come out with some not-so-surprising news. The carrier has openly admitted that the sales of the Priv were “struggling”. An AT&T executive said the

[Deal] Unlocked BlackBerry Priv for $379.99

Interested in getting a flagship offering on the cheap? We suggest you direct your attention towards eBay, where a seller is currently offering the #BlackBerryPriv for just $379.99. There’s no mention of a validity here, so we’re guessing it will remain through the weekend at the very least. But knowing the nature of eBay deals, it’s

BlackBerry Priv

[Deal] Unlocked BlackBerry Priv for $379.99

A retailer over at eBay is offering the unlocked #BlackBerryPriv for just $379.99. This is a very impressive price tag on the handset, especially considering the fact that this handset usually sells for over $600. But by BlackBerry’s own admission, the Priv has been slightly overpriced and this might be the company’s way of making

BlackBerry Priv to get Marshmallow update next week

Beta testers of the #BlackBerryPriv smartphone were said to be getting the #Marshmallow update a week ago. It has now been found that the smartphone will start getting the Android 6.0 update next week. This means that regular customers of the Priv who are not beta testers will get to enjoy Marshmallow on their Priv

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AT&T BlackBerry Priv now cheaper by $50

The #BlackBerryPriv smartphone is slightly expensive at $699. However, the AT&T model was available for just under $680. The carrier has now decided to slash the prices further as the handset is just $630 from the company’s official website and retail outlets. The handset is available for as low as $450 from other third party

[Deal] BlackBerry Priv selling for just $450 ($200 off)

The #BlackBerryPriv smartphone can now be yours for a miserly $450 thanks to a solid deal running over at AT&T’s official page. The deal brings the cost of the smartphone down by $200, making it a pretty attractive offering. As you know, the BlackBerry Priv is one of the few devices that has been immune

BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry Priv getting Android Marshmallow Beta today

The #BlackBerryPriv smartphone is today getting the #Android #Marshmallow Beta update, just as the company promised. However, only a select few users are seemingly getting the update as of now, but a wider beta rollout is expected to commence shortly. With this beta update, the company can ascertain the bugs and issues that there might